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SW of Flash Gordon rpg - Kingdoms of Mongo - Coralia

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  • SW of Flash Gordon rpg - Kingdoms of Mongo - Coralia

    SW of Flash Gordon rpg - Kingdoms of Mongo - Coralia
    THIS is for a COARALIA Campaign
    1) Are Coralians only fresh water breathers? Is that the difference between Coralians and the monstrous Mermen? Do Coralians breathe fresh water and mermen salt water?
    2) Since there are computers and technology, coralian buildings can't be filled with water, so Coralians automatically breathe water/air or do mongo computers work underwater? Are homes and the palace filled with water?
    3) Coralia lies within a coral reef on the continental shelf and not in the depths of the abyssal plain. Why is it always portrayed as a metal sea base and not built within the coral as the comic suggests (KoM28)? Like smurfs in mushroom houses, i picture Coralians in Coral houses with 'modern' amenities.
    4) Semi-Aquatic: Shark men, while air breathers, move at their full Pace when swimming skill and can remain underwater for up to 15 minutes. They typically wear specialized diving helmets of transparent metal when traveling long distances underwater. These helmets are effectively identical to those paired with standard diving suits and provide one hour of fresh, breathable air before they must be recharged.

    So while living in Coralia sharkmen are wearing air breathers? Or do they go inside and breathe air (related to question above)?
    5) I have my Coralia campaign planned using some of the included scenarios and then Coralia will act as a buffer zone when interdimensional kaiju appear out of the swirling sea as if Coralia were a tiny island standing in the way of an invader's conquest of the land beyond. All along the invaders are radioactive experiments from Radumia! Any SW Flash Gordon tips?

    [You may think let the invaders go by and attack Ming, but no attacking force is going to leave an enemy military base alone without destroying it to protect the rest of the snake moving the head of the army onward toward their real enemy, and even if the now enemy was not entirely new with standing have peace treaties they would not hold up in time of [preemptive] war.

    I am sure i am forgetting questions i had when i am writing this at a later time. If anyone can help me flesh out Coralia, I would much appreciate it.