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  • [Slipstream] Arnon's Slipstream Game - Journal & Discussion

    Last night, we started our new Slipstream game!

    It was a short session (we were wrapping-up another campaign), so we played for only about an hour or so.

    Next game will be in more than a month (summer vacation, holidays, etc..)

    Cast of Heroes:
    • Crank - Bird Man, former space cop. Got in trouble when he helped rescue a female Earthling psionic (he was supposed to have brought her in)
    • Doc - A Robot Man (whose number i do not remember). Interested in organics life-forms and how they operate. Formerly was employed by a syndicate who experimented on psionics but helped Crank when he showed up to rescue the psionic Earthling
    • Pempelton Teck - a Hosbecite merchant/savager (secretly a psionic)
    • Zane Danger - newly arrived Earthling. Pilot, rogue, charmer...

    Since this is sort of a journal, then there will be spoilers for players

    Session 1 - Bumpy Ride(s)

    Zane's ship came tumbling out of the black-hole, throwing deep into the Slipstream. He tried hard (and valiantly) to keep control but failed. It was just too much. the ship got banged around loosing an engine here, a wing there... and then the cockpit glass broke and Zane lost consciousnesses. At least the killer robot who was chasing him in another ship got shot out of the stream much earlier than him..

    Meanwhile, on a Gystopian Rocketship on the way to Barter....
    In the small lounge of the ship, stood, sat, drank, ate, and talked quietly the passengers. Among them was Doc (a Robot Men with an interest in organics), Crank (a Bird Man former space cop), and Pempelton Tek (a Hosbecite, trader adventurer). They talked and exchanged pleasantries, eyeing from time to time the impressive (and silent) female Lion Man and her armed companion. The pilot called over the rust PA that they came upon a wrecked ship and wanted to check if anyone was injured there, and after some time came back with the unconscious Zane.

    Doc treated him and he came back quickly, bewildered and confused by his surroundings and as to where he was. As Zane was trying to get his bearings, the rocketship jolted hard and threw people around. The female Lion Man got frustrated with the ship and stepped out of the lounge (with her companion), and as the door closed behind her an explosion rocked the ship. The Heroes jumped after the Lion Man, and as they opened the door they saw that the armed companion of the female Lion Man lay slumped on the ground, while five dastardly figures moved about the cabin, trying to get the female Lion Man for ransom.

    The fight was on! after some seconds of a shoot-out another explosion rocked the ship and another wall of the rocketship was turn from a breech bomb. Through the opening came four more pirates. The party fought on, downing four of the pirates, but there were four more and the leader to take care of...

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    Chapter 2: Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock Man

    The shoot-out with the pirates continued in the battared lounge, with the party took cover behind some seats, only poping up to shoot the pirates. Some of the pirates advanced on the hidden foes, while the captain tried to get a hold of the Lion Man female and get her to his ship. She resisted successfully. After several shots the party managed down almost all the pirates, with the leader getting shot in his jet pack, which shot him out to space. The last pirate remining dashed to one of the breaches where a space dingy was attached to the rocketship. Crank ran after him, and saw that the dingy had a driver trying to disengage; he shoot the driver, who fell on the magnetic clamp holding the dingy to the rocket ship, releasing it. The dingy shot away while the rocketship plunged into the closest fragment...

    The characters rushed to take a sit while the rocketship crash-landed on the rocky fragment. Everyone got out except for Zane who was suspicious of the atmosphere; only once he saw everyone else leaving did he go out.

    The crew started to fix the ship, with Zane and Doc assisting. Pempelton started looking around the crash site, while Crank just wanted to rest as he was sevrely battered from the fighy and crash... but rest needed to wait. In the middle of the repairs, four Rock Man attacked the downed ship but the party managed, after much difficulty, to knock them out.

    With the rocketship repaired and on its way to Barter, the Lion Man female introduced herself as Lady Roaora and thanked them for saving her, said she was the daughter of Pride Leader Raor and invited them to Simba (Lion Man planet) so that her father could properly thank them. They would need to get to Simba on their own, as she has no way of getting them there.

    GM Notes:
    • The Party had lousy dice rolls during the night, resulting in either missing the shoots or not hitting hard enough, so it took them some time to get rid of all the pirates
    • The attack of the Rock Man on the fragment feels like it was too hard to me. Orignally there should be Heroes +1 in number, but one quick look at their toughness and i only sent a Rock Man per Hero.
    • The Toughness score on the Rock Man is very high (11) and the Heroes had a very hard time surpassing it, plus their strength is d12+3. I think it was a poor choice for an encounter so early in the game (i know i should have changed it, but i realized all that too late)
    • The Rock Man fight was too long, and frustrated all of us (i'll need to be more mindful of the encounter in the future)
    • Other than that, the role-playing between the Heroes was excellent


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      Chapter 3: Introducing Miss Fox
      Reaching Barted without further problems, the group bid farewell to Lady Roaora, checked when the next ship to Simba is (3 days hence, 120 slips, but Pempelton was persuassive and got them down to 100), and find a place to stay (after selling some of the loot from the pirates, so they had enough cash for the flight to Simba along with Room & Board).

      After settling in, Crank and Doc wen to find Joanna Fox (the lady they saved) at the appointed inn. She wasn't in the common room, and some slips to the bartender gave them her room number. She didn't answer the door and Doc heard noises from within, so they broke the door just in time to find someone jumping out the window, all they noticed was a hooded figure with a glint of steel on it's cheek. They asked the bartender again and he said someone else asked about her as well a couple of nights ago, and come to think of it, he did not see here at least a day. They left her a message to meet them at another tavern tomorrow.

      Meanwhile, Zane and Pempelton where having a great time misunderstanding each other, and Zane managed to start a bar fight.

      Next day, Doc and Zane went to sniff around the seedier parts of town, about possible physicians who might perfrom enhancing surgeories on people. They got two names (one for the organiztion which Doc previously worked for, and another working for the crime organization called Black Sun). When they reached the Black Sun physician they spotted the man they were looking for coming out. He immediatly bolted and the chase was on. The short of it was: he got away. Meanwhile, Crank went to meet Joanna, this time successfully. She was glad to see him and told him that she couldn't stay at that old hotel becuase Rufus Sandovan found her out and was trying to get to her (apparently he was injured form the firefight between crank, Rufus, and Rufus' goons). Crank too Miss Fox with him and introduced her to the crew (she was of course worried that Doc was there, but was reassured that all would be well, and that he was now a nice guy).

      The next day they spent inside, not wanting to walk around and endanger Miss Fox. The day after that (flight to Simba day), they walked (surrounding her) to the port. Immediatly they noticed that they were being followed. They darted into the alleys of barted and managed to evade the presurs and run to the rocketship which took off just as their presuers got to the port.

      Chapter 4: Guess what happened on Simba...
      The trip to Simba was uneventfull... On Simba they were taken to Lady Roaora's village and introduced as honored guests to Lord Raoor. After recounting their tale they were given time to rest, and told a feast in their honor would commence the day after.

      Then, during the late hours of the feast, the celebration was cut abruptly. Queen Anthraxas warship dispense Deah Dust on the Lion Men fragment, and two ships carrying Primals came to announce that Simba was punished for resisting the Queen and that now they all die. Of course, the Lion Men would have none of that, but the first wave of gunshot cut severl Lion Men down, including Lord Raoor.

      They crew, along with some brave Lion Men, managed to subdue, kill, or whatever the force of 13 Primals and four humans who attacked.

      After the fight they were called to the side Lord Raoor, and he asked them to save his people and fragment. "Go to Sandpit.." he said before dying. So they gathere what supplies they could, loaded up on the Primal's ship and header out, bluffing on their way out the Anthraxa patrol to let them pass the blokade.

      GM Notes:
      • Miss Fox is from Crank's (and Doc's) background story. I made her an extra Psionicist, no extermly powerful, with a modified Damsel in Distress hindrance... We'll see how much fun we could get out of this
      • Now i've got to nemesis for the party: the pirate from the first encounter of the campaign, and this guy with the metal cheek (and his goons). I don't want to leave either of these too long before encountered again, so something will propbably happen on the next port or two
      • The encounter with the Primals took almost the entire session. Granted there were lots of moving pieces (17 foes vs. 9 allies), but still surprised me it took so long. I'm hoping to bring the Fast back to the game



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        I like these write ups--please keep it up, thanks!


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          I've been slacking. So here are three sessions, and i still owe you 2-3 more...

          As always: Spoilers for players will be present...

          The Merchant of Gyptos
          After a bumpy ride with the rickety rocket ship they aquired, they landed (as a stop point) on Gyptos. The plan was to gather some supplies and continue to Sandpoint.

          As they wondered through the street of the city, buying and selling stuff, they suddenly came upon a group of thugs beating a Tropico. They came to his rescue, and learned from him that he was buying seeds from a Gyptosian merchant in order to send to this planet (Sanpoint), but the merchant did not respect the deal after the down-payment. The heroes immediatly asked him to show them the way to the merchant.

          In the warehouse they confronted the merchant who quickly offered the Tropico a bit more seeds (but not the agreed deal) and while that was happening, the merchant pressed a secret button which called in more of his goons. A short flight ensued, but the party was victorious. The Tropico took the seeds which were promised to him and no more, then left the warehouse with the party.

          Before parting ways, the party told him that they are on their way to Sandpoint and who should they talk to regarding the Death Dust. He told them to talk to one of the elders, and gave them directions to a relatively large settlement.

          With that they left Gyptos.

          Tropicos are like trouble magnets...
          Another bumpy ride, but they finally reach Sandpit.

          As they were cursing over the desert, searching for the village mentioned by the Tropico merchant they met on Gyptos, they spotted a pirate rocketship, with some armed aliens walking around a small Sandpit village. They landed near them and immedialty took fire. Naturally, fire was returned.

          The battle was joined. One of the pirated tried to run for the ship, but was cut down. The party noticed the swivel ray-gun mounted on the pirate ship and Zane made a run for it, while the others occupied the other pirates with rasy-gun fire. At the pirates direst point, when only the leader and another pirate was left. The leader of the pirates turned on his rocket-belt and made for the heroes rocketship, but Zane swiveled the swivel gun and shot him out of the sky.

          With the piartes dealt with, the party released all the Tropicos which were jailed in one of the bigger huts and after gratitude was given, the party asked about the Death Dust. An elder Tropico told them that when it happened some of the elders suggested consulting the Oracle of Nive; but the suggestion was not taken due to political and economical reasons.

          With that the party transfered all their belonging from the rickety rocket-ship to the pirate ship. Re-painted and modified it a bit sp so that it will look less like a pirate ship, and blasted off to Nivek.

          The trouble with oracles is that they are mysterious
          Ladning at the outskirts of a small town on Nivek, the heroes are immediatly drawn into a "prophecy" made up by the local priest in order to calm the enraged populace. Apparently, the Queen has sent her "imps" to the oracle. The imps killed of the ceremonial guardinas of the oracle and are planning much worse for the oralce.

          The horoes, of course, agree to help and are given a guide to lead them on the trek to the oracle. The trek takes about 4 days and when they finally reach the oracle they see it surrounded by Primals, remote sentires, and a tripod mounted heavy ray-gun. Also, it appears they eplosives are being rigged on it.

          While they watch and plan, Zane suddenly stands up, turns on his rocket belt and rushes to the oracle. This forces the rest of the party to rush along and try to get him out of troulbe (later he will tell them the oracle gave him a vision). The battke is fierce, with several of the party severly injured. Zane manages to take control fo the heave ray gun, while Crank, Doc, and Tek take care of the primals and sentries with their guns, powers, etc... In the end they manage to kill all the primals.

          Zane describes his vision: black, white, and gray feather; a slim hand takes the white feather, the black feather grows, and the gray feather sheds a tear. They have no idea what to make of it, thinking it might be some old legend maybe, but the local priest knowns nothing about it.

          After resting and recovering they blast of Nivek. They decided to head to Avia (it's close)... maybe they'll know something about the vision with all it's feathers.... but Idunn is on the way, so they decide to stop there for trading...

          GM Notes
          • The party is moving ahead in the plot point campaign. I do get to run them through Savage Tales they come across, which is nice. Not too much prompting from me, they just happen to go where a Savage Tale if happening
          • Many of the encounters are firece, leaving the party injured and carrying wounds from one battle to the other. Since dying isn't really an option in Slipstream, this if OK. But, i am thinking of starting user a fast natural healing rule.. This is, after all, a pulp game. Heroes can be half-dead one day, but wake up almost like new...
          • Encounters are still taking longer than i wish.... part of the problem is that they party is not using group tactics against their enemies. Since they do not understand the benefits for it. I guess i need to make them understand it by using it against them..


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            Ahh... haven't really gotten to update these journals as i wished....

            We have been playing Splipstream all this time, and are in the home stretch of the game.

            The party progressed through the Plot Point at a steady and fine pace.
            • They had some tough battles. Of note:
              • Liberating the Birdman King, in which most of the party was at 2-3 wounds, and
              • Fighting the Handmaiden on Radios, which left them all unconscious after her suit exploded. but the rocketship was on autopilot and carried them to safety
            • We did not have many Savage Tales. Very few actually... they were just moving along from Plot Point to Plot Point... and i have no problem with that
            • Some of the places they got to in their wandering around the Stream, i had to immediately read up-on, and invent some stuff. So on Scar for example they heard about the downed Anthraxa ships and thought those responsible. This led them to contact a rebellious faction on Scar and the party helped defend them against Anthraxa agent (which followed the party, so that's fair).
            • I decided to keep Ren Skaldi (the valkyrian the party saves at one point), and not have her sacrifice herself on Radios... i wanted her as a romantic interest for one of the Heroes, and i liked her better for the Secret Alliance phase... so instead of her, it was Yowlin that found his valor and saved the Heroes on Radios (this left the player perplexed, as it was out of character for him... but that was the best i could come up with at short impromptu)
            With a little help from my friends...
            This last session and a half, they have been building their Alliance. Flying from to meet people they know, sniff around for more allies, and spread the Death Dust Antidote formula. They have been just looking at the map, and going from point to point. They went back to Vitin, Scar, Babel, then to Angelis. At Angelis they learned that some of the Barons want to rebel against Anthraxas tributes, and a very high Networking roll gave them an audience with one of the Barons. They talked nicely, offered the Death Dust Antidote, and asked for help... which was promised... if the Barons could convince enough people.

            They also meet Ren Skaldi, and after telling her what they were up to she said she’ll help them as well, talking to all her contacts and friends around the stream. At this point, Zane had the second vision from the Oracle, and as he told the party about it they figured that Avia was in danger; so they headed there.

            Avia in the meanwhile sent the word out and a large fleet was forming up, the party met with king Boolar and warned him of their fears. Then went to surrounding fragment to gather more allies... and then they had a brilliant idea: Free Psidonia!

            They went back to Avia, took with them 26 ships and the War Rocket Achilles, and surprised the heck out of the blockading fleet around Psidonia. The battle was quick and decisive, Doc (the Robotman) commanded, after inserting a Battle program (Jack of all Trades). The party even managed to capture the War Rocket that was part of the blockade by disabling weapons and shooting their Graviton Gun at it.

            GM Notes
            • Most of this Alliance thing is the players looking up the gazetteer and saying "We are going there", then me quickly reading about the fragment in the GM Section, and coming up with ideas... it's great that while the description in the book are rather short, they still give enough to improvise
            • Some encounters are very long... and while for the big ones i can understand it... we also had some smaller ones which i thought should have gone down faster
            • We switched over to SWADE! Yay!
            • The Party are no on their third Veteran advance... i need them to Heroic for the final part, so that's 2-3 sessions from now
            • I need to come up with some adventure on Psidonia... scavenger hunt or something... some encounters with Anthraxa forces... maybe a final confrontation with Zane's Enemy (a robot, not robotman, who chased him into the Slipstream).




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              Psiclops, Robot-Man, and other allies...
              After securing their victory, the party sent most of the ships back to Avia and went low with their own ship to see if they can find anything interesting on the abandoned fragment. While flying over Psidonia, heading to the former capital city, they suddenly spotted a ship trying to take off but then being shut down by a heat ray. They move to investigate, teleporting near the ship. They follow the blood trail and come upon a Psiclop being help by a squad of primals. After releasing the Psiclop, they party learns that the Psiclop was as scientist who once worked on a Psionics powered ship. He wanted to steal it and bring hope to his scattered race; he was caught but during the commotion of the battle above the planet, he managed to escape... for a short time. The party agreed to help him.

              They head over to an observatory, and once inside are again ambushed by primals. One the primals are dealt with the notice that the Psiclop is gone. They head down a trapdoor and find the psionic ship.... along with another squad of primals, and the psiclop being held hostage (again). The primal officer threatens to kill the Psiclop if the party does not lay down their guns, and also initiated a count-down to blow the cave with an atomic bomb. Luckly the primal did not manage to kill the Psiclop, and the party managed to eliminate and squad and disabled the bomb.

              Then they helped the Psiclop fly the ship out, and he promised them that he will search for more of his people to come and aid the battle against Anthraxa

              Later, they head to Dracos in hope to find allies there, but the Lizard-Man are no interested to hear anything. When they head back to the ship, they find all their people tied up at the bottom of the ramp, and Mark 2 surrounds the party with the aid of Sentries, again he came to arrest Zane. This time he almost succeeded in getting the upper hand, but Zane and his friends managed to best the robots sentries and Mark 2 just barely managed to escape.

              After that the party headed to Mechanos. There they learned of the grumbling among the "worker" robots who do not like the extra work they need to do in order to appease Anthraxa. They party convince some Robot-Man bureaucrat to let them meet some higher-up Technocrat (Crank claiming his an Avia ambassador). They get to meet the Hi-Technocrat, 01. He claims he has no love for the queen, but will not support the fight due to the low probability of their success.

              GM Notes
              • Mark 2 - is a robot who came after Zane ino the Slipstream. He was sent by a disgruntled princess to arrest (or bring at least some part of) Zane. This is the second showdown between the two... next one will be the last
              • This entry is two sessions in one. They were a bit slow, but it allowed the party to gather some allies to the fight.
              • Next session i'll start the final leg of the adeventure