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    Hello all,
    I am starting a TLP campaign set on Leviathan. Has anyone else started to run this? Any advice?

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    Bring M&Ms!!! Medics & Marines!! I gave my group lots of crazy fire power. If the Fire power is too much then there are ways to take it away. Faulty ammo, humidity damages electronics, hit from a dino, theft, etc. We were also using the Savage Aliens and Savage Battlestar Galactica stuff so it included more armor and toys making the group harder to really hurt. Throw in some crazy fauna (they were chasing a Poison Ivy type through the jungle With plants and animals throwing things at them and trying to digest them (think pitcher plants and Venus flytraps that eat baby dinos!), my group was enjoying the free-fire zone without taking anything that really approached fatal damage levels. Large game NEEDS large weapons though!