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  • Back to SW... this time: Slipstream

    Hi all... how're ya doing?

    Last time i was here, i finished running my group through 50 Fathoms... up next: Slipstream! ...... We're taking a break from our 5e campaig (Way of the Wicked), and it was decided that Slipstream will be next.

    My current thoughts were to start the game with Chapter 0, eventually chapter 1 and then start Heart of Stee, then contrinue with the Plot Point ...

    Cast so far:
    • Newly arrived Earthling. Charming, Pilot, Rogue... you know the type ==> thinking of having him crash through the black hole first thing happening in the sesion, asking him to make way hard Piloting rolls and Agility to not get hurt too much. Of course he'll lose control and eventually will be fished by the passenger rocketship from chapter 0
    • Small hairy Psionic humoind ... (no backstory yet)
    • Robot Man ==> mad scienties, Medic. New partner to the Bird Man character... wants to make the non robot races more durable and stronger
    • Bird Man ==> space cop gone rogue. Was on a mession to catch a lovely earthling psionist, but couldn't get himself to bring her in... then was charged with treason or somhting
    I was thinking of having the Bird Man more closely related to the Plot Point, maybe he was investigating some rumors about Prince Craw controling the King and was then sent away by loyalist of Craw. I'd appreciate help with making the connection a good one

    Thanks & Cheers,