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SPC...sidekick vehicle?

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  • SPC...sidekick vehicle?

    My Experience (Skip to below for the problem)
    • Very familiar with the Superhero Genre, used to run a lot of Champions using the Hero System.
    • Very familiar with Savage Worlds, but never did Supers because SPC1 and SPC2 turned me off. Heard a lot of good about SPC3.

    The PC in question has a Motorcycle with a primitive A.I. The Motorcycle can transform itself into a "motoroid" battlebot (like a transformer).

    For the you buy Vehicle and hand wave the transforming?
    Do you buy Edge: Sidekick?
    Another possibility I thought of is to use Animal Companion and just have that it is a motorcycle as a Trapping.

    For the Motorcycle/Motoroid.
    Do you use Altered Form?
    What about Power Sets? One for Motorcycle and one for Motoroid.

    Currently I had the PC buy Edge: Sidekick.
    I then made the Motorcycle its own race using SWADE.
    The Motorcycle has two Power Sets one for Motorcycle and one for Motoroid form.
    The Motorcycle's Power Level is 15 pts so am I understanding that I spend 3 pts I get two forms (One Motorcycle and One Motoroid) and each form has 12 Power Points to spend?
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    Interesting idea.

    Since the motorcycle is basically a second character, I'd go with Sidekick.
    Altered Form is for characters like Mr. Fantastic or Captain Atom, who have a body that behaves like a fluid. A shape-shifting motorcycle is a different situation, and I'd avoid Altered Form.

    The motorcycle could be built two ways.
    The first (and simplest) is to give it all the powers of both forms, and apply Trappings to determine which powers work in which forms. This does mean that some powers are unavailable (and wasted points) in either form.
    The second method is something along the lines of power sets.

    I'd use Power Sets for the two forms.
    Both would have Construct (probably with Dependence - Gasoline, or Electricity), and probably Growth (Permanent) to be Size 1. One set would have Speed (9-ish) and the other would have whatever cool abilities the robot form is supposed to have.
    The SPP your player has to work with is ... unclear. Sidekick has some odd interactions with the rules, which mean that it's uncertain how they interact with Power Sets. If Sidekicks work like PCs then they are boned - 15 SPP means a Power Level III game, with an 8 point tax on getting Sets, and only 7 points to work with. Your 3 point ruling is much more workable, and allows each set to have 12 points to work with. I would stick with the 3 point ruling.

    Good luck!
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.