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    Also give each compartment a 3 wound limit before it is destroyed along with any weapons in it.


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      That's a way to do it. And it may have the feel you're after, though it sounds like it would be kind of slow and clunky - pilots are either making Called Shots all the time, or relying upon blind luck to damage the sections that matter before their own 'mech loses something vital.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        I hate to be "That Guy", but if you're going to go that far, why not just play Battle Tech for the mech combat then. Just come up with a conversion for the piloting and shooting skills.


        • Gojira54
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          My budget is more or less non existent at the moment and I wanted to see if SW could make for an enjoyable mech focused game.

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        While I disagree with Erolat's numbers, I think he's on the correct approach.
        Assumption: Use the SFC Walker rules for 'mechs.
        Assumption: The SFC vehicular weapons provide a basis for designing the many weapon systems of the BattleTech universe.
        Goal: Create Savage MechWarrior; it should feel like MechWarrior (weight classes matter, can usually survive one barrage from anything, etc.) but still be Fast, Furious, and Fun in play.
        Plan: Rebuild all the BT weapon systems using SW mechanics.

        Walkers already have Light, Medium, Heavy, and Super Heavy classes. That lines up well with the 25 to 35 tons, 40 to 55 tons, 60 to 100 tons, and 100+ tons - not only is the base frame tougher, it also has more native armor and more room for various systems and upgrades (including more armor). Bonus, the Compartmentalization rule means that Heavy and Super Heavy mechs cannot be one-shot without a "reactor critical" (i.e. Wrecked result) - though the pilot can certainly get killed.
        Walkers can have up to Size in Armor mods, or between 25 and 33% of their total mods. This allows for a lot of differentiation in armor values. Similarly, the Reinforced Frame allows for an unusually tough and durable model in a given weight class.
        Clan weapons probably have a 1 Mod reduction (minimum 1), due to more efficient designs, allowing them to more commonly reach the limits of Armor, or mount more weapons, etc. Which should be all that's required to make Clan mechs feel superior to their IS counterparts (because they are).

        The next big question is Heat. Do you keep it? If you do keep it, how do you represent it?
        The thing about Heat is that it is a game mechanic (and world fiction) to limit the amount of cool stuff a pilot can do in a short period of time. It limits how many weapons can be fired at one time, how much continuous movement can be done, and managing heat provides an interesting tactical puzzle for the player. But in Savage Worlds, the balance parts are already covered by the Multi Action Penalty - try to do too much stuff and you'll start failing at everything.
        Is the tactical puzzle of managing heat worth the trouble of implementing and tracking heat mechanics in Savage Worlds? You'll have to decide this for yourself, but I think the answer is "no".

        After all that, it's just a matter of creating appropriate weapon stats.
        LRMs have Range 21; PPC have range 18; and the Large Laser has a range of 15. This gives an idea of maximum effective ranges. If we assume that each one range is about 20 yards (or 10") then that gives maximum ranges of 210, 180, and 150; all of which can quadruple with the Extreme Range rules. I'd suggest rounding those to 50/100/200, 45/90/180, and 36/72/144 respectively.
        LRMs deal 1 damage per missile, PPC deal 10 per hit, and the Large Laser does 8. In BattleTech, damage is armor penetration, so there is no differentiation. In Savage Worlds that's not the case, so the two need some comparison.
        This damage values imply that LRMs are primarily harassing weapons, with good anti-infantry abilities, suggesting something along the lines of 3d6+2, AP 6, HW, SBT - that's an average of 14.6 damage, just below the base Toughness 15 of a Light Walker but more than enough to paste most power armor infantry (assuming Extras) - good harassing fire against most mechs but capable of being very deadly with a lucky hit (acing damage, especially with a Raise). Similarly, the Large Laser is a real threat, though not usually a fight ender, suggesting something like the Heavy Laser's 4d10, AP 15, HW - an average of 24.4 damage that allows it to cripple Light walkers (two wounds), hurt Medium walkers (one wound), and knock around Heavy walkers (out of control check). The PPC is clearly meant to be a serious threat, able to carve through armor quickly and inflict real injuries with a few hits, suggesting something like 5d10, AP 20, HW - an average of 30.5 that ignores most armor, able to wreck a Light walker (0.5 damage away from four wounds), cripple a Medium walker (0.5 damage away from three wounds), cripple a Heavy walker (two wounds), and harm a Super Heavy walker (0.5 damage short of one wound). Dual linked PPCs (+1 Shooting and +2 damage) would be an effective weapon against anything being fielded.

        You may find my examples weapons flawed, and that's fine (I made them up for this post). The goal of the example was to provide a starting point for creating similar weapons for your campaign, and show the process I used to create this starting point.
        I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


        • Gojira54
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          Thank you for all the help!

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        If I may, here is what I used for my MW game. I used the SFC as is. Weapons and Walkers worked well enough without too much issue. For Heat, I added a stat. I was using Sanity as a basis for my idea.

        Basically, the base walkers, with no mods, had a Heat rating. You could improve this via a couple mods (either as able to take more heat, or more easily vent it off), and so depending on the size you could go for a couple rounds of continuous movement without gaining heat, or only 1 round. And so on for weapons. Some you could fire without generating heat, but these were often pretty weak overall, while others would generate a fairly sizable amount. Finally, I added that they could hit a sort of "purge valve" and vent X heat (it varied per walker size and mods) per round they did nothing.


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          Really appreciating the feedback everyone! I was having doubts about the SW SFC rules as they called for so many damage dice, but this discussion has been encouraging.


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            It's actually a decent system over all. Even a light missile is deadly. Figure a light walker has 20(5), and the light missile has ap8, well it's in trouble with that average 21 damage. (average roll on a d6 is 3.5) Obviously, this leaves out any other mods/options/changes, and just goes with straight basic numbers, and also leaves out ace and raises.


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              Take it easy on me folks, amatuer work in progress. Fudged with numbers from the SFC and took some inspiration from all of you, along with the "MW4 Vengeance Manual" and "MW4 Mercs Strategy Guide." I know they are guides to the PC versions, but all of my MW experience has been on the PC.

              Energy Weapons
              Small Laser: Dmg: 3d10, AP: 5, Mods: 1

              Medium Laser: Dmg: 4d10, AP: 10, Mods: 2

              Large Laser: Dmg: 5d10, AP: 15, Mods: 3

              PPC: Dmg: 6d10, AP: 20, Mods: 5

              Ballistic Weapons
              AC 5: Dmg: 2d12, AP: 10, Mods: 3

              AC 10: Dmg: 3d12, AP: 20: Mods: 4

              AC 20: Dmg: 6d12, AP: 30, Mods: 5

              Gauss Rifle: Dmg: 6d10+6, AP: 25, Mods: 5

              Long Range Missiles, AP: 10

              LRM 5: Dmg: 6d8, Shots: 12, Mods: 1

              LRM 10: Dmg: 6d8+1, Shots: 10, Mods: 2

              LRM 15: Dmg: 6d8+2, Shots: 8, Mods: 3

              LRM 20: Dmg: 6d8+3, Shots: 6, Mods: 4

              Short Range Missiles AP: 20

              SRM 2: Dmg: 5d10, Shots: 10, Mods: 1

              SRM 4: Dmg: 5d10+2, Shots: 8, Mods: 2

              SRM 6: Dmg: 5d10+3, Shots: 6, Mods: 3
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                Sample build. Each compartment (left torso, right torso and so on) has a value signifying its "mod" capacity.

                Mech Stats: ATLAS

                Size: 12 Pace: 4 Strength: D12+10 Toughness: 50(17) Mods: 40 Crew: 1

                2- Center Torso: Mods: 8
                LRM 20: Dmg: 6d6+6, Shots: 6, Mods: 4

                3- Right Torso: Mods: 10
                SRM 6 x2: Dmg: 5d10+3, AP: 20, Shots: 12, Mods: 6

                4- Left Torso: Mods: 10
                AC 20: Dmg: 6d12, AP: 30, Mods: 5

                5- Left Arm: Mods: 6
                PPC: Dmg: 6d10, AP: 20, Mods: 5

                6- Right Arm: Mods: 6
                PPC: Dmg: 6d10, AP: 20, Mods: 5

                Total Mods: 25

                AMS: 1

                Sensor Suite: 1

                Targeting System: 1

                Reinforced Frame: 3 (+6 Toughness)

                Armor: 4 (+8 Toughness)

                Dual Linked PPC: 5

                Total Mods: 15

                Melee: The Atlas is equipped with fully functional hands allowing for
                grappling and melee combat. Str+d12
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                  Not a bad start. Out of curiosity, how many missiles does a mech carry? I mean in game terms. Like is it just 1 load per pod/launcher? IT's been a long time since I played any BT/MW.


                  • Gojira54
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                    Each missile type weapon has a number of shots. For example the SRM 4 fires 4 missiles per shot and can be fired 8 times.

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                  So, you can fire 4 missiles at once, and has a total of 8 loads per launcher. So, 32 missiles per launcher, then?


                  • zorgon60
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                    In battle tech though, it really just depended on how much tonnage you allocated to ammo. Like the Archer had 2 LRM 20's and could fire each 12 times I think (6 shots per ton, 4 tons of ammo), so thats 480 missiles.

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                  Holy moly. Well, SW obviously does things a bit different. But damn, 480 missiles is bananas.


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                    Regarding the SRM's and LRM's, my intention was to eliminate the option to fire missiles individually. That being said, an "LRM 5" only has 12 shots, no more and no less.


                    • zorgon60
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                      12 shots if for 1/2 ton of ammo. Full ton is 24. Still 120 missiles/ton

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                    Treating the LRMs as individual weapon systems seems like the way to go instead of stating out the missiles themselves.