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  • Savage Worlds Setting Core Compliation

    I'm working on setting up a community collaboration for a series of basic setting ideas, ones able to be accomplished with only the core book or official companion books. I intend to including the submissions in a PDF that I will release into the wild via the Fan license later.

    These are the submission rules and requirements:
    The submission must use the form included in this thread.

    The submission must reasonably fit on an index or reference card in 9 point "sans serif" font, while remaining readable and not using shorthand.

    No house rules or rules that are found only in a setting book or third party rulebook can be used in the submission. Try to keep to in-print or easy to acquire books.

    If a rule used in the submission is not in the core/source books mentioned within the submission, then the submission is invalid.

    Inspiration from any source is fine, as are homages. Blatant ripoffs of privately owned IPs (Or direct conversions of other materials) are not acceptable for this compilation.

    Please include page numbers for each rule or option used.

    Submission Form
    Concept Tag: (Tentative/Final Concept Name, or Not Decided)

    Author Name: (Personal Name, or Anonymous)

    Genre A: (First Genre of Setting Idea)
    Genre B: (N/A, or Second Genre of Setting Idea)

    Required Books: (All books required as reference materials for rules, equipment etc.)

    Setting Rules: (Rules used or N/A, Must come from Savage Worlds core book or genre books. Setting books and house rules not acceptable)

    Character Options: (All options beyond Equipment/Basic Gear, Traits, and Edges/Hindrances used for the setting idea, not including implied details for each)

    Focus: (A Short, combined blurb and elevator pitch explaining the intended style of campaign)

    Linked Threads and Projects: - Savage Worlds Conversion Core Compilation
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    My own (personal) entries so far:

    Concept Tag: Cyberspace Cowboys
    Author Name: Joseph Hines
    Author Account: Ah_Ftagn

    Genre A: Hard Sci-Fi
    Genre B: Cyberpunk

    Required Books: Savage Worlds (Deluxe Explorer's Edition), Savage Worlds Sci-Fi Companion (2nd Printing)

    Setting Rules: Gritty Damage (SWD:EX Pg. 108), Skill Specialization (SWD:EX Pg. 110), Atmosphere (SFC2 Pg. 26), Extreme Range (SFC2 Pg. 27), Gravity (SFC2 Pg. 27), Hacking (SFC2 Pg. 27), Salvage and Trade (SFC2 Pg. 28)

    Player Options: Cyberware (SFC Pg. 29), Power Armor (SFC Pg. 32),
    Starships (SFC2 Pg. 40), Vehicles (SFC2 Pg. 51), Walkers (SFC2 Pg. 58)

    Focus: Freelance Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters in a single solar system.

    Concept Tag: Terminus Protocol
    Author Name: Joseph Hines
    Author Account: Ah_Ftagn

    Genre A: Post Apocolyptic (Nuclear)
    Genre B: Post Apocolyptic (Zombies)

    Required Books: Savage Worlds (Deluxe Explorer's Edition)

    Setting Rules: Gritty Damage (SWD:EX Pg. 108), No Power Points (SWD:EX Pg. 109)

    Player Options: Arcane Backgrounds (Psionics, Prereq- Must Survive Disease, Pg. 119)

    Focus: The survivors of an outbreak of a strange virus deal with the fallout of a nuclear holocaust caused by containment procedures being mistaken for a nuclear attack on US Soil.

    Concept Tag: Ashes to Ashes
    Author Name: Joseph Hines
    Author Account: Ah_Ftagn

    Genre A: Post Apocolyptic (Nuclear)
    Genre B: N/A

    Required Books: Savage Worlds (Deluxe Explorer's Edition)

    Setting Rules: Blood and Guts (SWD:EX Pg. 108), Critical Failures (SWD:EX Pg. 108), Gritty Damage (SWD:EX Pg. 108)

    Character Options: Human Race Only. No Power/Magic-related edges, Wealth-related edges or Power Edges. Equipment limited to what existed by September 26th of 1983.

    Focus: Survivors comb the wreckage of an Earth where the Soviet Nuclear False Alarm Incident of September 26th, 1983 resulted in full-scale nuclear war... and wars are fought over the relics of the past.