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Called shot to leg combat option idea

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  • Called shot to leg combat option idea

    Currently one can make a called shot at -2 to an opponent's arm to disarm him/her. An idea I had is that one could declare a called shot at -2 to go for the legs, where a strength roll must be made versus the damage result, to avoid falling prone. Does it sound like a balanced rule option?

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    I would use Vigor, or even Spirit, for the opposed roll, but I think it's a reasonably balanced rule. You're still giving the target the chance to avoid falling prone, and since it's a Trait roll they can spend Bennies on it.


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      Not so sure about Spirit but easily Strength or Vigor could be argued.
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        I use an home made system called "Wounds with Consequences". In short, you aim the hit, and declare you want the Consequence. If you obtain at least a Wound, you have it "converted" in a specific effect. For the Leg is -1 Pace, and if you hit the same leg, the enemy gain the hindrance Lame. Of course, if in the same attack you obatain 2+ Wounds, then the enemy get the Consequence (as said before, it's "priced" 1 wound) and 1+ "usual" Wound.
        Those consequences last for 1 scene (usually, the combat): the justification behind that it's that the impediment was caused mainly by high pain, numbed area, blood on the eye, etc.
        I have all the body part covered, mainly with obviously related modifiers and with hindrances for a reiterated aimed shot.
        I've tested it for a while, and it's nicely balanced, as you need an aimed shot (so, negative modifiers, AND you need to renounce to 1 wound). Last but not least it doesn't involve addictional rolls.
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        • ValhallaGH
          ValhallaGH commented
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          I'll note that each Wound is already a penalty to Pace; wound penalties apply to all Trait rolls and Pace (see Wound Penalties under Damage Effects in Chapter 3 of Savage Worlds Deluxe). The Lame thing is kind of nice, and I do like it as an option for inflicting even more Pace reduction (still minimum 1, but more more likely to get there).

        • Lord Lance
          Lord Lance commented
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          Nice catch, Valhalla! Of course, it's not so useful as it is. I fine tuned to:
          - Leg Hit: -1 Pace and -1 Run die size.
          - Leg Hit again: -2 Pace and cannot Run (if both legs are at this level, the character has to crawl Prone).

          Still, it's not a very powerful effect (compared to Arms, Crotch etc.), however it's still very useful if you need to cripple a powerful enemy, so you can try to run away (easing or totally avioding the eventual following chase scene).