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Creating character archtypes using the race rules

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  • Creating character archtypes using the race rules

    New to the new forums but would love to hear your thoughts.
    First some setup. I'm creating a Setting in which all PC's are the "Chosen" of one of four deities. Each deity grants certain boons to their Chosen. For example the deity Magus grants the ability to cast more powerful spells and War grants enhanced martial and physical prowess to his Chosen. One of the Chosen is granted brief glimpses of the future. I'd like this to manifest by giving them the ability to "Soak" Wounds if they see them happen and have a means of intervening. Narratively this means if they witness someone receive a wound they are glimpsing the future and can shout duck or push them out of the way before it actually happens. To do this they spend a benny and roll spirit, each success and raise negates one wound. If the target suffers no wounds the event that triggered it was prevented. To go along with this I'll be removing the ability to Soak wounds so this ability is the only way to "Soak" damage. There is also no healing magic so this and the healing skill are the characters only option to reduce/resist damage.

    If this ability was an option in the race creation rules how many points would you say it was worth?

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    In most settings, it would be about the same as the Common Bond edge (+2).
    Since it is the only way to Soak in the proposed setting*, I would rate it as about two Edges of benefit (+4). Common Bond plus "My bennies can be used to Soak wounds", which is about an edge.

    *Not sure why you wanted this setting to be super-murder-death-time, but you're going to get that effect when every attack is up to the whims of the dice. The War chosen are going to feel shafted the fifth time some no-name Extra rolls enough damage to one-hit Incapacitate a Chosen of War.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Thanks! That's a good point I want things to feel a little scary but the war guys shouldn't be more "squishy" than the prophet guys.


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        Would it unbalance things to give the Warrior an ability like

        When you would be incapacitated and make vigor roll if the result is a success or raise roll on the injury table as normal, you may then spend a benny to remain conscious.
        Then you have the guy full of holes who just keeps coming.


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          I get the impression that you removed Soak so that the prophet ability could shine. That is unnecessary, since the prophet ability already allows a) roll Spirit instead of Vigor to Soak wounds, b) spend your own benny to allow other characters within communication range to Soak wounds, and c) use your Spirit instead of the other character's Vigor to Soak wounds.
          That is a stout ability, easily worth an Edge, especially for a high-Spirit character such as Arcane Background (Miracles) users, Social edge characters, and most Leadership characters. Getting it for free as part of a "class" package is icing on that cake.

          Now, it's possible that you're changing a lot more rules than you've described, and many of those changes could have effects that make my normal analysis inaccurate, but that's information that I don't know if I don't know it.
          I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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            There is definitely some truth to that. I originally removed soaking as a way to make the characters feel a little more vulnerable and to encourage people to spend their bennies on other things. Then started giving the Prophet support abilities, but I'm not a huge fan of magic healing and the soak rules sort of fit with preventing damage rather than healing it. It'll be interesting to see the ability in play. I'll need to test it out with and without removing soak rules.

            The other changes are reworking the magic system to include more out of combat utility and encouraging and fleshing out social interactions. Adding Bonds so each character has an NPC that can present complications or aid them.


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              In my experience, removing Soak encourages an "ambush, alpha strike" mentality in players. They avoid stand-up fights, but tend to abuse surprise attacks for Head Shots, using Assassin, with The Drop, and Wild Attack if Fighting, all to generate as many Wounds as possible, guaranteeing that the enemies (who also can't Soak) will go down immediately. No Mercy became a very popular Edge in those games. Also, Hard to Kill once they accepted that they would get ambushed from time to time (the only sane response, given the group's reputation).

              The simple fact that anything that gets to roll damage can Ace that damage and one-hit your character leaves characters feeling extremely vulnerable. I have multiple tables that are terrified of swarms, because they auto-hit for 2d4 damage, and I've rolled a lot of 20+ totals on 2d4.
              I've found that pointing out when a wounding attack lands, because the player didn't spend a benny on an earlier roll, drives home the idea that bennies are for a lot more than Soak rolls. It's a bit of extra work to track those instances, but I've found the results worth the effort.

              Good luck!

              P.S. I think Indomitable is a little busted - requiring a benny is the only thing that reigns it in. Hard to Kill will augment this into something that can be used pretty much all the time.
              I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.