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Agony: High and Dark Fantasy experiment

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  • Agony: High and Dark Fantasy experiment

    A while back, there was a discussion about Iconic Frameworks and how they could be adapted to fantasy games. The idea was interesting, but kinda missed the point of those frameworks in my opinion. An IF is not only a way to give a boost of power to characters, it is also an extremely useful way to flesh out a setting. A ''warrior'', ''thief'' and ''mage'' Iconic Framework doesn't allow for that. My mind therefore wandered and imagined a few Frameworks that could work in a fantasy setting, and I soon realized I actually needed a setting for that.

    I drew inspiration from Morcook's Dancers at the End of Time, Howard's Conan the Barbarian and a number of epic tales like the Illiad and Journey to the West to create a pretty dark, yet high fantasy setting as an excuse to create a bunch of IF. I soon realized I would also need an improved magic system (Using Rift's Megapowers was tricky license-wise), and crafting rules as well.

    What started as a thought experiment grew bigger by the day and I finally have a rough draft I'm satisfied with. Of course, it still needs love editing and rule-wise (I can't make tables in Scribus even if my life depended on it it seems), but I realized I would never share it if everything was exactly like I wanted them to be. So here it is, an overview of the Agony setting with additional rules for magic and crafting, and Iconic Frameworks usable in a fantasy setting at the very end. Comments welcome.

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    For my inspirations, I forgot to add Gilgamesh and the classical Fairy tables by Anderson, the Grimm Brothers and Perrrault before they got the family-friendly treatment by Disney.