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    I did some searching on here but my search fu was found lacking. Is there a good Star Trek Savage Worlds setting? I have been playing STA but I don’t like it as much as I love Savage Worlds.

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    Did you search the web, or just the forums?

    Because I found this site in under a minute. It's a bit of a pain to navigate, but it looks decent. Probably only needs minor changes to bring it into SWADE.

    There's also this page, which contains adventures too.
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      Yeah I saw that one I didn’t know if there was anything else I could compare it to here.

      cool find with the adventure! I have to read through it to see how it is but I didn’t even know someone wrote up a SWST adventure.

      I will admit to being a little skittish because I want to change from using Star Trek Adventures to something else (with Savage Worlds being the front runner) but I want to make sure we have a similar flavor in that it is true to Star Trek. Even after over 40 years of RPGs home brewing is not my strong point.


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        Try: or
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