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  • SotGH --- Unofficial Update

    Greetings folks!

    I've put together an unofficial Adventure Edition update document for Saga of the Goblin Horde, which you can get by clicking here.

    This document focuses only on the "player's" section of the rules, to firmly establish a base from which to work from, but I am also interested in revising and improving certain aspects of the Plot Point Campaign as well.

    As always, I appreciate any and all feedback, and I encourage anyone to use this thread to discuss new ideas and open discussions on other ways to bring this setting into the new Savage Worlds ruleset.


    Also, be sure to check out the main Saga of the Goblin Horde thread for more information and links.
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    And I've already got my first errata.

    Changes include:
    • Fixing minor typos (spelling, grammar).
    • Goblinoid now specifies the penalty applies to Persuasion, rather than to a nebulous "social interaction."
    • Gullible specifies the penalty applies to resisting Smarts-based Tests.
    • A character with both Double Tap and Crossbow Fetish can make a "three-round-burst" with a repeating crossbow, consuming 3 bolts of ammo.
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      Hey folks.
      I'm bumping this thread because I'm in the process of finishing up a SotGH mini-PPC that utilizes some of the new features in this unofficial SWADE conversion, and I was just wondering:

      a) how much interest there actually is for new material to this setting, and
      b) whether the conversion doc is satisfactory.

      The adventure will be 100% free, by the way (and I have a few more things lined up for SotGH too), so I'd like to hear some thoughts before things "go to the printers", as it were. Also, my free time is generally limited and my focus on any particular project tends to drift on a whim, so if there is a modicum of interest in this it would help expedite the release. Otherwise, I'll post it whenever it's done.

      Cheers, and thanks!


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        You're welcome to sell your mini-PPC on SWAG, by the way.

      • Deskepticon
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        Zadmar Thank you for the endorsement, but I'd really feel better just handing it out for free. It's sat in a dusty folder on my computer for the last two years, half-written, and I'm more interested in just getting it out there than making a few bucks.

        It's going to be very basic, anyway, with no images or trade dress, so I fear the "curb appeal" will be quite low. Also the word processor I've been using since forever recently decided to watermark all outgoing pdfs unless users scale a paywall, and I don't use the program enough to justify the cost.

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      New material for SotGH?

      How many knick-knacks for it? Gimme!