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    Merry Christmas in advance everyone, has a gift, I publish my new Savage Worlds fan setting: Savage Starcraft!

    A year of work, I began in february, to get playable all the Starcraft units, create the character sheets, write a short story and create a short campaign.

    To play with all the units of Starcraft with the Savage Worlds rules + an overview of this universe + 11 character sheets + a short story + a short campaign, follow this Hydralisk

    Starcraft, a wild and brutal world made of true monsters and heroes, here powered by Savage Worlds!
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    Great timing, thank you!

    Last weekend, I stumbled upon a cnet article indicating that Blizzard is remastering Starcraft, and they are currently giving away the original game as a free download. I spent my entire weekend playing it. Oh, I love that game!


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      Thank you. Yes it is a great game with an excellent background and a wonderful gameplay.
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        I really like the idea, but looking through this i'm not sure how well this would play. It all looks rather complex, and i'm not sure how much freedom one has as a player. I'm saying this just from a first glance at the book, but it does worry me. Is this intended to be an rpg system like other savage settings, or something else?
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          For someone who doesn't know Starcraft at all, I admit it can be complex.

          About the freedom, it depends of your GM. I forbid nothing with the rules. You want to play a Marine who will become a Terran High-Templar, why not? You want to play an Hydralisk who will become the new Overmind, let's go. It will be hard, long and will need a good roleplay, but it is possible.

          If you want on the contrary play great classic battles where your players are Marines fighting Zerglins, also great.

          There could also be a plot inside the Terran government and your players will have to find the truth about it, so it will mix investigation and fights.

          So, it really depends of how you want to use it, do classic Starcraft or just use it as a start for your own story.

          I hope you better understand the setting
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            ... So, players don't make characters, they pick an NPC to run and give them names.
            Why is there a single Knowledge skill?
            Why does Protoss body armor get worse as the unit goes up in rank?
            What does F + dx mean? Is that supposed to be Str + ?

            Honestly, this reads like Showdown rules, not setting rules for an RPG.
            The production values are excellent - it looks great.
            I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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              Not at all, the playable characters have more details than the NPC, but if the DM and the players want, why not play the crew of a siege tank.

              The playable characters are like the classes of D&D, only to begin, after this your advancement is as you want.
              So the start is strict but after that you can become what you want if your GM agrees with it.

              About the knowledge skill, because it is often a waste of points for a character. He has D12 in ... and he uses it once a game.
              But if you want to put 3-4 knowledge skills for a character, you will find enough stuff in the history of Starcraft to make it.

              For the Protoss, because a High Templar is not made for close combat like a Zealot, it is more like a wizard.
              If in addition to their powers, I had put a better armor, it would have been too much for one character.

              Yes, F + dx is Str + dx, a mistake, sorry. I reuploaded a corrected PDF.

              They are setting rules for a RPG, but they are also a toolbox, surely not for beginners GM or someone who never played Starcraft (as a GM).
              And I did it alone for free in English and French, so it's not perfect, but a lot of pro products also have a lot of mistakes.
              So yes the GM has to work on it to get what he really wants, like I do myself from other settings. I did it how I work my RPGs: open-minded, a lot of stuff, and a lot of thing to improvise to let the players feel free.
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              • ValhallaGH
                ValhallaGH commented
                Editing a comment
                While I have a number of criticisms, that doesn't change the fact that you've done something impressive.
                I'm getting the sense that I did not say that enough.

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              Ok thank you

              Your post was useful, I have to admit you have quickly read it in the details. I corrected the F + dx mistake.
              But also rather hard to take.

              And yes Savage Worlds products are often well detailed but I am really not like this. I always myself create my own stories, change the settings...
              So this is a toolbox about Starcraft. If you take it as it is, you play Starcraft battles, which is great.
              If you use it to think outside the box and create your own Starcraft universe, this setting is a good start I hope.
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                Maybe the chart at pag. 54 is wrong. I see 18 hours almost everywhere. It's probably a copy/paste glitch.
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                  Sorry I was not notified for your answer.

                  No mistake, since we don't have any clue about where the planets are in Starcraft, I imagined each sector was neighbor from the next, so 18 hours to travel. Except for the UED.
                  But you can modify it if you want to add details to the space travel
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