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  • London Setting Inspiration

    I have often used London (UK not Ontario!) as a setting and have used various works of urban fantasy fiction as inspiration especially Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, Ben Aaronovich's Rivers of London series, Mike Shevdon's Court's of the Feyre series, and more recently Tom Pollock's Skyscraper Throne series. I've come across other series like Benedict Jacka's Alex Versus series and Peter Mcleans' Burned Man series and read one book from the series but found them not to add much to London as a setting. Looking to add to the background of London as a setting and wondering what other urban fantasy or other genre literature can be used for inspiration for the supernatural aspects of London. Thanks!

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    Christopher Fowler's Roofworld isn't exactly urban fantasy but it does have a very innovative and nicely thought out concept for for a group of people who live outside normal society (the title sort of gives away where they live ). It's an idea that could easily get added into an existing fantasy setting.