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  • How much would a reroll

    How much would a reroll come out of a rare, common, and very common roll for race creation purposes?

    Based on edges like soldier, killer instinct, humiliate, charismatic, acrobatic (sorry if those names are not the names, I have a manual in Spanish)

    Uncommon or under specific conditions (+1) example: rolls to resist environmental hazards

    Common (+2) example: roll to persuade (charismatic) OR roll to provoke (humiliate)

    Very common or broad (?) Example: Opposite rolls that you initiate from the killer instinct advantage. I guess this includes attacks, tricks, magic effects. In this wide case it is better to take this advantage.

    Out of the topic, what extra features do you think are missing from the rules of races creation?

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    Free reroll is about as valuable as a Novice Edge (+2 racial ability), since most of them are granted by Novice edges.
    However, some rerolls are more frequent or useful than others.
    • The Charismatic Edge applies to all Persuasion rolls.
    • Killer Instinct only applies to opposed Tests you initiate. Seasoned rank (+3 ability).
    • Acrobat only affects Athletics checks for "balance, tumbling, or grappling".
    • Soldier only affects Vigor rolls to survive Hazards (disease, poison, extreme temperatures, radiation, hunger & thirst) but only constitutes half the Edge, making it a +1 ability.
    • Humiliate only applies to Taunt Tests, but applies to all Taunt Tests (whether or not you start them).
    • Reliable lets you reroll any Support roll you make.
    • Chi can allow a character to reroll a single Fighting attack per combat (even Critical Failure), but that uses the only Chi point you get for that fight.
    Generally, when I am making races that might get a reroll then I look at giving them the relevant Edge as a Racial ability. Example: one version of orcs that I wrote up gave them Soldier as a racial Edge, making them strong and healthy without changing any die types or Toughness.
    I haven't personally found anything missing from race creation - well, not features I am comfortable giving to player characters.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.