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  • The Crew of the Archimedes

    So for the setting I'm working on I have made some key players for a story. They are all part of the Sector Agency Intergalactic Taskforce or S.A.IN.T. a group of former criminals earning redemption for their past crimes. Known as Redeemers these talented individuals go after the criminals that are too far for the local law enforcement to stop using unconventional tactics. ( I don't know how to attach all the pics at once so Ill have to do them individually. First up is Viktor the sector marshall in charge of this unit.
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    Next is Arek a Dunarian pilot. The Dunarians were one the races that were formally under the control of the Bahl and not live free to do as they please though much of the galaxy does not accept them because of their involvement with the Armageddon War. His skills as pilot and driver have come in handy more than once in getting the crew out of a dangerous situation.
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      When it comes to getting in and out and grabbing whatever is needed then the crew calls on Caliban. A psi-commando in the very last days of the war Caliban learned to love the adrenalin rush of combat. Upon retiring from service he sought to keep up the constant excitement and found stealing high end art and jewelry was just dangerous enough to work for him but with a lot less shooting ( usually). Due to, as he puts it, an unfortunate series of events he ended up in prison. Offered the chance to earn his way out as a part of S.A.IN.T. he jumped at the chance as much for the excitement again as it was to be free sooner.

      Human Male
      Rank: Seasoned
      Attributes: Agility: d8, Smarts: d6, Spirit: d6, Strength: d6, Vigor: d6
      Skills: Climbing: d6, Driving: d4, Fighting: d8, Lockpicking: d8, Notice: d6, Psionics: d6, Shooting: d8, Stealth: d8, Streetwise: d6, Swimming: d4
      Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 11 ( 6 )
      Edges: Extra Edge (racial), Arcane Background, Thief, Power Points
      Hindrances: Loyal (minor), Wanted (minor), Code of Honor (major)
      Gear: Combat Armor
      Powers: Psi-Blast (Bolt, Light), Overdive (Boost/Lower Trait, ( no trapping )), Cloaking (Invisibility, ( no trapping ))
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        Sofia was born to a well off family and enjoyed a luxury lifestyle but was bored. To keep herself entertained she started hacking computers and with her high technical aptitude started building drones. It was her hacking skills that got her involved with the wrong sort of crowd and landed her in prison. Like all the members of the Archimedes crew she was offered a chance to earn time off her prison sentence and accepted.

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          Misty, a name she chose, is part of the Archimedes crew as a fellow S.A.IN.T agent and is the right hand of Viktor. Misty is the ships engineer and heavy weapons specialist. She spends more time in the ships engine room tinkering around with improvements and other tasks than much of anything else. One thing is for sure, at almost 8 feet tall, the rest of the crew doesn't argue when she says jump.

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            Eve was a spy and even did a bit of wetwork when pressed by her superiors, a task she really didn't revel in. As can happen the proverbial s#!t hit the fan one day and her superiors threw her out to cover themselves in the scandal. Fortunately she knew Viktor and he was able to pull some strings and get her sentence commuted to service with the Archimedes crew.

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              One last member to add. Garrok is a Ror geth from the planet Morgar. He will take back the original spot I had for him as ships engineer and Misty will stay the heavy weapons expert. Click image for larger version

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