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  • Brandel Valico
    Started roughing out the Creative Writing campaign. The First Arc is finished (Acts 1-3) and started the Second Arc (Acts 4-6, 4 is up 5 and 6 are being worked on) of a 4 Arc planned outline

    So keeping in mind this is a WIP here is the link for the "Shadows of the Past" (As I finish Acts they will be uploaded to this folder)

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  • Brandel Valico
    commented on 's reply
    Just to touch back on this. While I still haven't added Droid specific armor. I did add a suggestion for how to handle translating armor in the book to Droids

    For Droids simply select an appropriate armor and
    rename it based on the Armor Bonus (+1 Plasteel,
    +2 Quadanium, +3 Durasteel, +4 Duravlex, +6
    Laminanium, +8 Neutronium, +10 Crystadurium)
    Applying any logical Notes, and ignoring the ones
    that don't make sense (The GM has final say)

  • Brandel Valico
    Most of the one shots and the Tipani Campaign are updated to Version 3.5 and I'm working on actually trying my hand at actually writing a campaign instead of converting them over. We shall have to see how it goes. (Creative writing isn't my strong suite)

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  • Brandel Valico
    I've begun updating the One Shots to the most recent version of the Companion. I still have a few to go, but most have been updated

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  • Brandel Valico
    Did a few small fixes to the Planetary Guide. Corrected most tables, except the Gravitional effects table, to remove the borders. Fixed a few Typos and duplicated words. (I have no doubt many more exist). I also made the Exogarth a Wild Card and gave it the Unstoppable Ability as well, because lets face it you should just run!

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  • Brandel Valico
    commented on 's reply
    Species: Twi'leks are balanced at +2 So while those things can indeed be added to Twi'lek you also need to add negatives. They aren't any better or worse then any other species. They balance out at +2 based on the Rules given. That said, I'll look them over again and honestly consider changing them.

    Gear: not gonna promise to change anything but I'll certainly consider everything, when I do the next update (after the Sci-Fi companion is out)
    As for Slugthrowers in the gear section as noted on Pg. 82 use the gear section of the SWADE Core Book (except for the Futuristic section) as Slugthrowers. So I didn't include them to save space and work. I did include the accessories because those aren't in the Core Book, as the mod system isn't in the core book

    Misc: thanks for pointing it out (fixed)
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  • Vladson
    From a quick check
    I haven't read all of them, but Twi'lek stands out as really weak. Performance is a pretty weak skill, and a language which anyone can learn (a few other species with head appendages can "speak" it). It's a popular species with other traits to pull from (hardy, deceptive, resistant to cold/hot weather, darkvision) so they shouldn't be so hamstrung.

    Heavy Blaster Pistol should have a lower range, as it does in SE, so it's not strictly better but more restricted blaster pistol.
    Sonic Pistol should at least have d4 strength requirement. d6 doesn't make sense in flavor (Blasters have recoil and strength requirements because they fire a physical particle bolt) or mechanics (it's d4 damage with a very niche bonus). 2d4 is probably too low a damage: They "only" do as much damage as a slugthrower in SE and in KotOR2 the advanced sonic blasters aren't even noticeably less powerful than equivalent normal blasters.
    Slugthrower accessories are detailed, but there appear to be no slugthrowers included in the gear section

    Slugthrower is Slug Thrower (2 words) on page 82.

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  • Brandel Valico
    The Star Wars Planetary Guide is considered done (may have a few typos to fix, but no new content to add) As such it's not considered a WIP any longer

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  • Brandel Valico
    commented on 's reply
    Hello Pretre, is a great site, I've browsed through it (google translated of course as my French is sadly very very poor). I appreciate the kind words for the work.

    I'm going to address your various subjects individually as such

    1 - Feel free to use anything and everything I have made to create a French Translation all I ask is you offer it freely and toss me a link I can share with others if you do so. Feel free to use your own layout also. (Fair warning though, There is at least one more possible major overhaul planned in the future.)

    2- Yeah, layout is a new thing for me and not one I'm great at, You should have seen my first several attempts LOL. The main issue I have is that I frequently am updating and correcting the document. I just pushed a few corrections today even. As such it becomes difficult for me to hand over the design work to someone else. (Though I would love to do so. As I dislike waiting for them to be able to make the adjustments, it's also very unfair to ask them to do so on a free fan project. My current plan is to keep doing the layout myself until after at least the Sci-Fi Companion is released. Do any adjustments I need to do to be compliant with it. Then finish the Companion. If your still willing to offer help at that time. I'd be happy to turn it over to an actual graphics layout person)

    3- The Graphic style you have looks really great, Would love to have a copy, the issue is I don't use Indesign, I use a program called Scribus. As such I don't have any Indesign resources I can send you.

    4- While i do keep the main post updated here. I only check this when I need to do so. If you wish to discuss this without as much delay, and your able and willing to do so. You will find it quicker to do so at the Facebook group linked in the First Post.
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  • Pretre
    Hello designers,

    I'm Pretre, designer and layout artist, member of Torgan's Savage World French team :

    I'd first like to congratulate you on the very high quality of your work, as well as on your proposed universe for Star Wars in the SWADE system, I'm contacting you for the two following reasons :

    1 - We were working on a French version proposal ourselves, but the magnificent work you've done has prompted us to offer to set up a French translation based on your files.
    2 - I've noticed a number of layout problems in your documents (missing line breaks, titles not bold in several places, images distorted to fit into the layout). This is not a criticism on my part, but an observation and an offer to help.

    I had already set up a whole graphic style for our own proposal, and I propose either to send it to you if you wish to use it yourself, or to help you with the layout if you agree to share your indesign resources with me so that I can offer you a remastered version as well as a printable version in POD.

    You'll find an example of the graphic style I'd laid out at the following link: MeP_SW_unchained.pdf (

    Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.



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  • Neilybob
    Hi there, I've been working on setting this companion up as a compendium for Foundry VTT. It's still far from complete - there's so much content! - but the bones are there enough that it's vaguely usable.

    What's done so far:
    • The text of the rules in journals
    • The species (drag one on to a new PC and it should have all their properties)
    • Edges, Hindrances, Skill (there's only one) and Powers
    • Gear
    • Cyberware
    • Vehicle upgrades
    • Two action decks to choose from (one cobbled together by me, the other kindly provided by a Facebook user who wishes to remain uncredited)
    • A galactic map and empty starfield map.
    What's yet to do:
    • Most of the other upgrades (not sure yet how to do these as Foundry doesn't support adding items to items)
    • There's only one vehicle (although there are icons for all of them)
    • There's only one NPC
    • There's only one creature
    • Probably lots of other stuff.
    You can download it from here:

    You'll need to unzip that into your modules folder. There's a macro to set up your world with themed bennies, action decks, extra stats and so on.

    Note that much like the companion this contains a whole bunch of other people's artwork, intellectual property and other work, so big thanks (and/or apologies) to everyone I've stolen from.

    Also massive thanks to Brandel Valico without whose huge amount of effort none of this (which has mainly been copy/pasting) would have been possible.

    I've probably made quite a few errors - particularly with the vehicle upgrades, where I'm sure I've read the rules wrong - so let me know VIA PM if you spot anything that needs fixing, as I don't want to clog up this thread.

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  • Brandel Valico
    The rules were updated on June 30th to reflect the new Errata found in the SWADE Core Book (Print Version 5). As such the Companion is now on Version 3.3

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  • Brandel Valico
    Just added a link in the main post to a great Expansion "THE SPIRIT OF REBELLION​" by Table Cat Games
    The overall goals for the expansion is to bring Star Wars in Savage Worlds a bit closer to A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Rogue One, Solo, and the series Andor, The Mandalorian, and The Book of Boba Fett. You’ll also find some, but not all, aspects of Rebels, the Obi-Wan series, and the Fallen Order video game.
    He knocks all of these Goals out of the park!​
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  • Brandel Valico
    commented on 's reply
    There isn't Droid specific armor, I could add some in the Droid area... But the simple answer would be to just reskin the regular armor as Duriplate or some other droid named armor for Droid Players.

    For now I have added the following to pg 69 in the armor area.
    "For Droids simply select an appropriate armor and rename it based on the Armor Bonus (+1 Plasteel, +2 Quadanium, +3 Durasteel, +4 Duravlex, +6 Laminanium, +8 Neutronium, +10 Crystadurium) while using the same stats given, except Notes. Droid Plating has no Special Properties.."

    As for your offer of converting it to Fantasy Grounds. There are several people doing so in the Savage Worlds Star Wars Facebook group currently it might be useful to contact them. As for myself, I do all my work in Scribus so I don't really anything raw to share beyond the .sla file.

    Edit: ; Not being a VTT user I misunderstood this. The People currently working on a VTT in the Facebook Group are working on Foundry, not Fantasy Grounds.
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  • Camberme
    Hi there Brandel... Having been introduced to the SWADE conversion I first have a question, then an offer
    As a droid, there isn't any "droid armor" I'm assuming it would be some sort of plating, but when I looked I couldn't see rules for plating it could be "my issues" of course, but I can't seem to come up with the right search words. Any ideas?

    My offer.
    as a user I work Heavily with the Fantasy Grounds game system, and like to make conversions and modules to make it easier for gm's and players to play. While I can copy/paste the info from the pdf, i was wondering if you have anything raw you could share with me, to make it easier to put into the program / modules?

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