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A SWADE conversion of Star Wars

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    Session 21's notes have been added to the Session Notes Episodes 6-10


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      10,000 views and 10 likes. Kind of cool to think that if even only a 3rd of them have downloaded this. That's still alot of people.
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        So I finally registered for the forum and checked this out. Interesting how this developed in here. Cool to see some people actually follow our game. Makes me curious if people read the session notes besides the players.

        Oh, this is "Hammer," btw.


        • Deskepticon
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          Welcome aboard!

          I haven't gotten around to reading the session notes yet. Maybe once the campaign wraps I can "binge" it in one night.

        • Siej
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          Thanks! Glad to be here. I'm not much of a forum person these days, but I may get back into it again. I mostly came in to check out what all was going on with this. I hope I'm doing this right. The comments and such are confusing to me. A bit different than I've seen before on forums. Usually, replies are at the end with quotes or something, from the last time I was busy in a forum. =)

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        Decided that Savage Worlds Star Wars needed a group on Facebook. Where all things Savage Worlds and or Star Wars can be discussed with the crossover of both being the main focus.


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          I might be trying this out soon. I have a friend thats really interested in space combat, so how well does it work in practice? Do you just use the baseline system? Do vehicles damage easily?


          • Brandel Valico
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            Generally space combat is done using the Dog-fighting rules in the SWADE core book if your talking baseline. Myself I use a variation where I either use a gridded map with a star field or I lay out a grid of cards. I then put a standard chase line of cards next to them to signify elevation. The pilot can chose to move up or down elevations or move on the map or map grid (if using cards) as their move. If they make their maneuvering roll with a raise they can either do two elevation movements or two map (grid) movements, or one of each.

            As for how well it works... we have done I believe 3 such combats now. (One where they had to leave the planet and make it to orbit. One atmospheric battle and one city airspeeder battle) they have all been fairly fun and the players have seemed to enjoy them. Honestly though it will probably depend on how much you like the chase rules in the SWADE core book. If you like that system you should enjoy the space combat. If you don't then you may not like it.

            As for the damage. All the ships are equipped with the weapons from the Sci-fi Companion (just reskinned) so they do damage designed to take out vehicles. But most vehicles have 3 or more wound levels and can take a decent beating before becoming wrecked. It's tough to answer this though as it depends on which vehicles you mean. Two Starfighters are going to be fairly evenly matched up, but a Capital ship will destroy a fighter if it hits (I actually strongly suggest never directly shooting a ship your players are on with a capital ship in the rules)
            There is also the fact that Savage Worlds is a swingy system damage wise so while I did use the standard Sci-Fi weapons and the vehicle guide to design every ship/vehicle there is always a chance for one shot instantly destroying them.

            I hope this helps to answer your question if not or you wish more clarification feel free to let me know and I'll do what I can to offer it.

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            Brandel Valico does this alert you? Im just somewhat new to this forum.

            One thing I was concerned about was the quantity of weapons many vehicles had. How did you resolve that/did it make combat super violent?

          • Brandel Valico
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            Weapons are still limited by the actions of the pilot or gunner. (If a particular weapon says gunner then the pilot can't fly and fire it at the same time and must have someone else in the ship act as a gunner to fire that weapon) As such they are still limited to 3 actions a turn and MAP still applies. That isn't to say that space combat isn't dangerous vehicles do get destroyed. (The actually just had their airspeeder blown out from under them last session (I have yet to do that update in the notes)

            The main answer is shields I guess. Shields add another wound level that can't be soaked and must be used first. But it takes all damage no matter how much and absorbs it and only removes that one shield wound. So ships with multiple shields can take a heck of a beating. It's also a huge deal to be able to shunt power and get those shields back up and running if they go down. We have a player who is a dedicated pilot with the Ace edge and repair and electronics all just so he can soak ship wounds and make sure their ship shields stay up (they have two shields ranks right now)

            That said not going to lie Space combat is dangerous and it has a huge potential to see a ship be wrecked and destroyed. But this doesn't prevent the GM from using these moments to advance the game as it rarely needs to result in player death. For example the airspeeder that was destroyed last session. I had it crash land on a nearby buildings roof the players all were able to escape the ship. They then had to deal with the troopers in the following ship landing and trying to capture them. You also have Tractor beams to pull in wrecked ships. The main thing to keep in mind is that as with hand to hand combat "wrecked" doesn't mean destroyed unless you want it to. Just like when a character is knocked "incapacitated" it doesn't mean they are dead.

            In the end though most weapons are limited by the pilots action economy he is usually making a maneuvering roll (1 action) and then if he wants to fire that's a shooting roll (2 actions) he may also need to do a repair roll (3 actions) all at -6

            Even if he takes the free maneuver and just fires, generally they only fire one weapon at a time to avoid the MAP. So multiple gun attacks generally only happen when they are a gunner and they still suffer MAP also.

            Most ships also have a very limited number of weapons actually. They are just dual linked, tri-linked or quad-linked. Unless your talking Capital ships which do have a huge amount of weapons but should honestly only ever be used to do area effect herding firing on anything that isn't a capital ship also

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          Okay the session notes have been updated to include session 22.


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            We have finished Session 23 and are almost done with Episode 6 if they survive the collapsing building that is. Anyway the session notes have been updated


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              Okay we have played session 24 and finished off Episode 6. We also got a good start on Episode 7 as well. As always the session notes have been updated for those interested in reading how the play testing has been going.


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                Session 25 is in the bag and the Notes on the first post have been updated.


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                  I added a new Adventure to the list. This adventure is a Choose your own Adventure for solo play (Death Star toy inspired Star Wars solo adventure by Mark Dowson for SWADE) The links show the page numbers. If you click them they do work and take you to the correct sections. (Must be downloaded and opened in a pdf reader for links to work)
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                    Session 26 has been added to the Session Notes and the link has been updated. It looks like we should finish episode VII during the next session. Then on to Episode VIII and Legendary Characters!


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                      Okay took us a bit to get the next session in but Session 27 has been played, the session notes have been updated at the link and excitement is in the air as they have made it to Legendary Status.


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                        Legendary status finally got me to consolidate my character and strip it down to what I think will be a more efficient set up... and also brought me back into proper encumbrance range, despite us not really using it. Felt good to get all that clutter cleaned up, and I even got to put a couple extras back in.

                        Excited to see what the other guys come up with for the extra adventures between episodes. Lord knows I'm putting some effort into mine.