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    Brandel Valico There is a new fanon D6 version, called Star Wars D6 Reup. It is written by the original authors, just updated. But yeah you are right about Satele Shan, and she is a good example of a very powerful force user, but not over the top.

    Not sure you have seen The Clone Wars CGI S7? Or last series Rebels. In both you see Palpatine using Sith Sorcery. We have Llothan Wolves (?) that can travel through hyperspace, and the Well Between Worlds, which Ezra uses to go back in time and pull Ashoka from her battle with Darth Vader. Thus really showcases some weird stuff in Star Wars.

    But yeah, it could easily be argued that Sidious was using those clones to boost his power. Whether they aided in him levitating the Final Order I dont know. I suppose I could read the novel but I have often been let down by a lot of their books. Two exceptions being Darth Bane, and Yoda: Dark Rendezvous which I really couldn't put down.

    Yeah, a lot of the Darth Maul stuff, is trappings (and descriptors) based on general power suites, and certainly lije you say well within normal powers. Felt sorry for Maul in the end, kind of a tragic character. But I did add a few extra powers into the standard list to be honest, nothing major, things like Empower Weapon, for imbuing with the force. Conjure / Create Weapon for Nightsisters, and others that use tge force in an arcane capacity.

    As an aside there is another D6 rpg called Godsend. Their powers are similar to the force. The Atlanteans wield powers in an arcane capacity. There are Elohim (Mythical gods) very like the ones with their shapechanging. And supers. I do intend to integrate into a game at some point. Same to fir Alpha Omega rpg. Again they use space magic, but you do not have to use light or the dark. In this game Alpha (Light) as well as represting any positive emotion, it is also an entity. Same too for Omega (Dark). Both have some great ideas that could be coopted into any Star Wars game.


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      I've seen Reup and also the 5E Star Wars. They are cool, I just prefer the pacing of Swade. It feels like Star Wars to me.

      Satele Shan is that. Mind you she burns through some serious PP doing what she did. But odds are good she probably has 20+ at that time in her life. So she has them to burn.
      Nope never seen them, like I said not a big Disney guy. So no idea what he does with it. Probably another deranged thing though.

      Looked up the Loth-Wolves. They seem very plot device to me. Again not really a power a player should ever really have. AS for the Well and time travel and all that. Thats just a cheap arse way to build in a way to retcon garbage. Again not something players should have as a power in any way shape or form in my opinion anyway.

      Never read the books either. I honestly have yet to read a single thing Disney has done. I have read and own the entire pre-disney EU though. Down to every last comic and kids book even.

      They brought him back later with some mechanical legs.... Never leave a good villain dead for long seems to be a Star Wars mantra

      Empower weapon I would probably just consider "Battle Strike" Most Nightsisters I'd consider Force Adepts and probably suggest the Artificer edge. To create and conjure weapons using the rules on page 153 of the core book for Arcane Devices. Also for making things like Holocrons and Sith Talismans and Sith crystal Swords and what not. While letting them spend a benny to make it semi-permanent or a conviction to make it an artifact or some such thing? But yeah Artificer would be my go to for all that stuff. Same with Jennserai Armor

      Still cool that you added any powers you needed I mean as it is I only have like around 3/4ths of the ones the list in Saga edition even in my conversion and I combined alot of them or made others into modifiers of other powers to streamline them. Kind of figured people would add in any they needed just like with NPC's and such. If you would like a full list of the Saga Powers check here
      There is a complete list there

      May have to look it up, thanks for the info
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    Brandel Valico I do recommend Clone Wars and Rebels, followed by Mandalorian. From CW you get a more militant Obi-Wan in Stirmtrooper armour, plus a whole host of stuff. And they manage to interconnect it all. Ashoka turns up in Mabdalorian, plus baby Yoda called Grogu, and...Dark Troopers. Katie Sachkoff plays a Mando from Rebels (could be CW).

    The Ones turn up in Clone Wars, Brother, Sister, and Father. They may have created the Well Between Worlds. We see Sudious go all bubble, bubble toil and trouble using a Sith cauldron thing. You may not be a Disney canon guy, but it is well done. Plus being an EU guy, a certain blue skinned admiral turns up.

    Edit: Unless I am misunderstanding the rule, it says it takes an hour, this is done in seconds.

    Now that weirdo device the queen is strapped would be an arcane device.

    The Ones....
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      To create an arcane device it takes an hour. Using it is done like using any other device.

      As for the night sister. In game terms I would view this as creative use of move object (to pull a lightsaber hilt from under her robes) and illusion (to make it seem like it appeared in a cloud of smoke) a nice display of powers used together as a multi-action. Which is the way she would have "learned" to cast that spell.

      Mace even calls it an illusion

      I did look up the Witches in Saga Edition and it seems they viewed them the same way. Their powers are the same powers Jedi/ Sith have. They simply use spellcasting to activate them. So basically a trapping thing more then a mechanical thing.
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    Brandel Valico You are best ignoring the Saga version, it falls massively short to be honest. And just because Mace Windu calls it illusion, it does not make it so. I renember rhe old Runequest Hawkmoon stuff, with scientific sorcery. They built cities of light, and made nen into gods. This is an apt description of the force. So I see no issue with her materialising a weapon to be honest.

    The powers here are all Disney. In fact Star Wars D20 stuff has Force Adepts, that possess other powers to jedi or sith.

    I am not a natural Force wielder like the Jedi or Sith. I use dark magick to achieve power.Mother Talzin Magick, also known as Shadow Magic, Force magic, or Force sorcery, was an aspect of the Force and supernatural technique that allowed a practitioner to wield great powers connected to the dark side of the Force. The Nightsister witches of Dathomir were wielders of magick, of which Daka was the most powerful. Magick is a living thing. It arises from blood and trees and mist. It flows through y

    Going by episode it is not any kind or arcane device, anymore than Darth Sidious rituals are hocus pocus illusion. They are just different ways to manipulate the force. Not the least of which they use the force to conjure arrows for their bows, made of light. So again, they fall into not being an arcane device, but creating some form of Blast or Bolt power

    So in order to make the conversion complete, these kind of things need taking account of.
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    • Brandel Valico
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      I appreciate the advice but I'm actually very happy with how Saga converted over. If your not a fan the odds are good my conversion probably isn't the one your going to want to use. Since it is the base I used to do the entire thing.

      As for Mace calling it an illusion. If it is or not, doesn't change my answer. What she did can be replicated as is using Move Object with a hidden saber hilt and Illusion. Is that what she did? No Idea honestly. But it doesn't really matter to me to be honest. If you feel the need to add a power to let her or others materialize a weapon that's cool. Hope it works out for you. Just not something I'll be doing here.

      Not sure how using Runequest as an example helps justify her materializing a weapon. Kind of like me saying that since in Legendary Lives I can pray to a God and actually get an answer. I should be able to do the same in Star Wars. Totally different system and a totally different setting even. The one doesn't have anything to do with the other does it?

      Concerning the Powers being Disney. If your talking about the ones in the conversion. Saga Edition was in print from 2007 through 2010, D20 actually predates Saga Edition so also not Disney. Disney bought Star Wars in 2012 so Saga Edition and the names used pre-dates Disney by several years So if so, that is incorrect.
      If you mean the ones at the links you have here that nice but it's not really gonna change my view about Disney. Just not my thing.

      Okay again the brief clip you show of her summoning her weapon would not be an Arcane Device, your correct. But I never said it was, I said that it is doable with Move Object and Illusion. What I said about Arcane Devices is that I would probably use that to make their magic talismans and Sith Crystal Swords and stuff like Holocrons.
      and magic swords. Where they do a "Ritual" to imbue power to an object (which takes an hour to do) and then when they need it they use the object to cast the imbued power Also keep in mind I said that before you linked to the clip so that comment about Arcane Devices had zero to do with what she does.

      But your correct that going by that clip her sword trick is not an Arcane Device. As for Sidious you might want to re-read, I never said his stuff in the clips were illusions. I just said they are ridiculous displays of power that players shouldn't be doing and instead should be Rituals (similar to ETU) or Dramatic tasks with the players trying to stop them.

      As for the Nightsister Bows that's not even a Force power or Arcane device its a Plasma weapon It doesn't use any form of Force blast or Force bolt so not really relevant at all.

      "So in order to make the conversion complete, these kind of things need taking account of."
      To date I have answered your questions and given answers. Explaining how each thing you have brought up can be done with the Core rules and the Conversion as it is now. Those kind of things have been taken into account.

      Look I get that you feel Jedi and Force Users should be Superhero types and have access to huge powers. The best advice I can offer you is take what you find useful here and make your own version to use. I care more about game balance. Jedi while being cool should not overshadow the other characters. That's not going to change. No matter how many extreme examples of Legendary level characters you toss out.

      So just to head off any further attempts to get me to amp up the Force Users. The answer is gonna be the same for all of them.

      "Every single Power that I feel a player should have access to at present that allows for a balanced game that lets Jedi types be cool but not turn other players characters into background support troops. They all ready have access to. I don't at this time have any intention to add more if I do they would also have to fall under that same model of not letting Jedi overshadow everyone else's characters. Concerning all the huge display's of Palpantine/Sidious the answer will always be the same as well. Players should not have access to such things. Instead they should be Dramatic Tasks/ Rituals to challenge players to prevent them."

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    Okay Session notes have been updated to session 10 currently finishing Episode 3 and the first Story Arc of the Campaign. We did run a side quest ran by one of the other members of the group today for session 11 that is Episode 3.5 that was a ton of fun to actually get to play in. He did an awesome job running it as well. Hopefully he will do so again. But as soon as he gets me the session notes I'll get them updated with them.


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      Added the Background information for the character I got to play in Episode 3.1 and added the session notes written up by the player who ran it. As such the session notes are up to date until next Sunday when we run Session 12. Which is the start of Episode 4 of the campaign.


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        Okay added 10 more species to the Species Companion total now bringing us up to 44 more Species available in it. With the 17 Species in the Main Conversion and the 9 species from the Core Swade Book that puts the current available Species at a staggering 70 Species currently.

        This makes 5 of the books containing Species completely converted, Only 6 more books to finish. Though a few of the species in them have all ready been included. Also may just call it at an even 100.... I mean seriously how many do we actually need?

        I also revamped several of them to no longer start out with Free access to the Force. Switching their previous access to instead be Innate Abilities that are single power AB's that have their own unique Power Points and are not able to add powers or more points. Nor spend those points on anything else but their Innate Abilities.
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          Okay finished the rest of the Starships in the Starships of the Galaxy book. As such I'm going to now consider that Supplement as Done. Also going to pull the Ripcord on the Species Supplement as well and consider it as Done. I think 70 Species is probably WAY more then enough...... That and I need a break....... Eventually my next project will probably be a Vehicle Guide (Strictly Ground and Air Vehicles) no more bloody spaceships LOL


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            Okay major overhaul of the Conversion has happened to make it look professional.

            We also have started Episode 4 of the Campaign and I'll be getting the session notes updated hopefully tomorrow


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              We have played Session 12 of the Campaign and started Episode 4. The session notes have been updated for those following along still LOL


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                I just wanted to pop in and say that this looks like a really great adaptation, and I can’t wait to try it out at my table.


                • Brandel Valico
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                  Thank you for the kind words. I hope you find it useful.

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                Ok. So i am prepping to run a Batch Bad style Savage Worlds game. I am using the optional Skill Specializations. But I am stuck making it more Star Wars like.

                Below is what i have come up with so far.....
                Athletics: C
                limbing, Jumping, Balancing, Wrestling, Skiing, Swimming, Throwing, Catching
                Battle: Ground, Space, Fleet
                Common Knowledge:
                Sensors, Shields
                Fighting: Hand to Hand, Sword, Lightsaber, Vibro-Weapon(must pick type), etc
                Gambling: Per Game
                Driving: Walkers, Speeders, Speeder Bikes, Airspeeders, Tracked, Wheeled
                Healing: Per Alien Race
                Common, Per Alien Race
                Notice: Sight, Sound, Touch, Hearing, Taste
                Performance: Dance, Sing, Music Instrument
                Piloting: Starfighters, Space Transports, Capitol Ships
                Repair: Per Vehicle, Per Weapon
                Research: Holonet
                Riding: Per Beast
                Science: Biology, Xenobiology, Chemistry, Geology, Engineering
                Shooting: Pistols, Rifles, Heavy Weapon, Gunnery(for vehicles)
                Stealth: Per Environment
                Survival: Tracking, Per Environment
                Lockpicking, Safecracking, Pick Pockets, Sleight of Hand, Setting/Disabling Traps

                Idea's, Suggestions.?


                • Brandel Valico
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                  That's an awful lot of Skills for a very limited resource. With Roughly 16 Advances to Legendary. With gaining new Specializations 2 per Advance. Your looking at 32 Specializations max after Character creation if they do nothing else but take Specializations. You Currently have 58 so it's basically impossible to get them all (that is just counting the "Per" skills as a single skill) I doubt you need more. I take it the goal is to make it seem like each member of the team has a unique set of skills? Sadly I'm not going to be much help making it more Star Wars like. Maybe grab the 4 official systems and see what they have in the way of skills and names for them.

                • Deskepticon
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                  I'm gonna need to parrot others here and say that this is a bit excessive. The Skill Specialization rule is intended to break up any skills that are very common to a setting; it's not really intended to apply to every available skill. For instance, a modern warfare game might want to split Shooting into rifles, sidearms, and heavy weaponry to encourage specific tropes, but it probably wouldn't need to distinguish different types of Performances or Sciences.

                  Besides, some of the options here I find very odd. Is it really necessary for EVERY character to specialize in Notice?
                  ... All walkers (AT-AT, AT-ST, SPHA-T, etc) fall under one specialization, but speeders, airspeeders, and speeder bikes are separate categories. That just seems inconsistant.
                  ... The Healing skill is specialized by race, and there are over 70 different playable races in Brandel's conversion. Good luck to anyone planning to be a halfway decent xenosurgeon!
                  ... Am I reading Repair correctly: it's separated by individual vehicle and weapon, not vehicle or weapon type? And droids can't be Repaired? (I guess everyone's a Jawa now. ) Well, needless to say, this is going to be just as stifling---if not more---than Healing.

                  If you want to use Skill Specialization, I suggest limiting it to no more than four or five skills, and only to skills that would prove to be impactful to the type of campaign you want to run.
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                  Well said and sound advice Deskepticon. I never even noticed that he had healing broke up by Species. That's nuts just using the core book with 5 species. It's blasted insane if using my Conversion

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                Frame challenge:
                Originally posted by Praetor299th View Post
                I am using the optional Skill Specializations.
                Why? Why are you trying to gate-keep the action and limit player options in play, beyond the limitations already imposed by Skill dice and Edges? How will these limitations make your campaign more interesting, more engaging, and more fun?
                I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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                  Added 3 links to the main post connecting to the works in progress for the Companion expansion. New Force Traditions, More Vehicles, and a few New Force Powers. Eventually there will be more creatures and perhaps some Famous Faces (NPC's from the Movies)


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                    Okay the Final Edits are done and the Companion link has been updated.


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                      Added another WIP for Species. With this addition to the eventual expansion the SWADE Core Book and the Star Wars Companion there are now 100 available species. Which was always my goal.