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    Well Jedi Knight and Master edges have been updated again. They have been re-written again to remove the saber throw parts of them. As doing so overshadowed a part of the Telekinesis power. That all ready allows for those sort of attacks to happen. Instead they both now grant ranged versions of Counter Attack and Improved Counter attack against their base parry skills.

    This makes Jedi Knights and Masters both be able to redirect failed shots against them. While bringing them more in-line with other edges and Powers all ready in the core rules.


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      The Session notes have been updated to include Session 5


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        Well the Sixth Session is now done and the session notes have been updated. We have now also finished two Episodes of the 10.


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          Session Seven which is the first session of Episode III of the campaign has been played and the notes have been updated.


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            Finished Episode 8 which got us about 1/2 way through Episode III but there are a few space battles at the end of the episode which will be a new thing to test out. So that may slow us down a bit. So far though the player to Npc battles have been working very well.

            They are now seasoned with 5 ranks of advances at this point.


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              Got bored so decided to add 10 new Species to the Species Supplement bringing the new total to 60. Only 6 more books to go and the entire Official Saga Edition series of species will have been adapted. Though to be fair these are really more for fun then anything else. You could do all of them just by reskinning most of the core species if you wanted to. But well what is Star Wars without a ton of species to play? LOL


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                Finally got a Chance to actually sit down and do the Force Powers and have converted most of the Saga Edition Powers over into Swade. So yeah, an actual list of Force powers with trappings and modifiers.

                I also made it so Mandalorian Iron and Mandalorian Beskar armor are no longer stackable.

                As always feedback on the Powers are welcome. Pretty happy with how they worked out. Move Object is my favorite, It has been made so TK can now actually hit super strength levels.
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                  Added a link to an Optional Rule system that provides Edges and Hindrance type Achievements for the Group as a whole based on their actions. It's a fun way to let the entire group benefit as a whole. This creates a bit more work for the GM to keep track of these Achievements but it does add a very interesting new layer to the game for those that enjoy such things.

                  Word of advice though only use these for a long campaign. They aren't really meant for one shots or gamestore groups where players may be random people who sit down.
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                    This is great work, Brandel! Question on your updates - did an earlier version of this use only SWADE powers? I'm going nuts trying to reference that conversion I had found a while back. One specific thing I remember is that "Teleport is removed." I'm still new to SWADE as a whole, but I liked the idea of the initially simplified Powers library for a Star Wars conversion.


                    • Brandel Valico
                      Brandel Valico commented
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                      It did actually, I don't think I still have an electronic copy of that version as I updated my own copies. But basically just remove the "Star Wars" powers and replace them with the generic powers. From the core book. I did have teleport and burrow for example as a removed power. But I also had a gm note saying that if the GM and players wanted to they could still use them if they could figure out a way to use them.. for example "phase" in the updated version is basically burrow but for walls.

                      The powers here are all still based on the generic powers just with trappings and limitations pre-added in and the SAGA Edition power names.

                      I do have a printed copy though. If all you need is the removed powers I can toss them up here for you when I get home in a few hours.

                      I did like the generic powers also. The issue I kept running into during play testing is that players defaulted to the generic powers and never added in trappings and limitations to make new powers. Instead they would just take bolt for example. Instead of the 4 or 5 powers in the new version that are actually just bolt with trappings. So it caused a power glut as they could grab way more of a variety of the generic powers then they really should.

                      I basically got tired of explaining over and over again to others that they were supposed to add trappings and limitations to create their powers and they may have 6 or even more versions of bolt.

                      Hence the update LOL

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                      Appreciate the input! The reasoning here makes a lot of sense. Looking forward to trying this out for myself.

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                      Brandel Valico commented
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                      I actually did find an old version back before I did the updates to the Jedi Knight and Master so back around in February. So it's a bit dated but it does have the old version of the Force Powers with the generic powers. Not sure if its the one you were thinking of but figured I'd toss it up for you.

                      ** Fair Warning this link will expire eventually **

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                    Alright, the graphic designer in me wants to make this pretty. Are you familiar with GM Binder? I've put this together so far to work through the styling.



                    • Brandel Valico
                      Brandel Valico commented
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                      Uhh... Not familiar with it. Is a program I could get an use?

                      But that looks awesome!

                      If you do decide to do the entire thing It would be awesome if your willing to share it with everyone here.
                      Sadly all I could give you for doing so would be full props and credit for it. I'd also quickly replace the linked files in the first post with the pretty one on both here and reddit
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                      toddmoonbounce commented
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                      GM Binder is completely free to use. Maybe more popular in the 5E space as its default styling more closely mimics that, but it's great to help format homebrew documents.

                      And thanks! Not looking for anything at all other than to just help out with the project in this one way I can. I'd love to get it all completed, just a matter of time. If you're interested in helping with formatting (using simple markdown) then its something we could knock out quicker.

                    • Brandel Valico
                      Brandel Valico commented
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                      Been a long time since I messed with anything even resembling coding but I did set up and account and would be happy to help with whatever I can. I'm swamped today but will look into it Saturday and see what I can learn, Is there a way for us both to work on the same project?

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                    Okay with toddmoonbounce being kind enough to start cleaning this up and making it look way better then a generic text file. I figured I better get on the ball and ran a bunch of different tests on move object. Which resulted in one last update to that power to clean it up a bit and fix the damage issues when using a Lightsaber with it. It also expands the scope of what can be moved and effected.

                    Force grip also gained a special section to allow for the whole Vader choking people over monitors thing even when clearly out of range


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                      Okay I think this might being made overly complicated.

                      Arcane Background: Force Sensitive

                      Edges need to centred around the organisation, e.g Jedi, Sith Sorcerer, Flow-Walker.

                      This would further define their force abilities. You don't need a separate power for Force Lightning. It is just Bolt, with the trappings of lightning (which I think peopke are foing). Speed convers Force speed. You may need to steal some powers from Supers, e.g Absorption, Leap.
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                      • Brandel Valico
                        Brandel Valico commented
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                        Honestly if you want to do so you don't need to do anything at all. Star Wars can actually be run with just a bit of re-skinning straight from the core book.

                        Though I'm not sure what you mean about the Edges and Arcane Backgrounds? I dropped them down to 3 from the 5 and they either use Smarts or Spirit and all new edges are based around Jedi / Sith / Force Adepts which is similar to your suggestion.

                        As for Force Lightning, Your correct you could do that and call it Force Lightning and in doing so you now have created a separate power from just plain bolt. Just as if you gave bolt the fire trapping you have now created Fireball, give it the ice trapping and you have created ice blast. These are all separate powers. As noted previously in the above comments the reason I switched from just having the generic powers was that it caused a power glut when someone just takes bolt and then just changes the trappings on casting of it.
                        I also feel this is not the intention of the rules as doing so makes Wizard and similar edges utterly pointless.
                        So I basically just have pre-made the power suits and left a few power based mods. To remove the power glut of people just taking Bolt and thinking they can just add the Lighting trapping to it.

                        I feel this is actually the intent of the system. That your meant to take that base power add trappings and limitations. So in effect even though Lightning Bolt, FireBolt, and Ice Bolt are all just bolt with trappings. You would have to buy each one as a separate and unique power or use Wizard to be able to switch that trapping. What I don't think you should be able to do is just buy Bolt and get all three powers by just applying a modifier on casting.

                        Of course this is my view of it and you should do it the way you enjoy. As I suggested before also if you prefer the Generic powers. (I did enjoy them other then the issues above) just toss the power section away and put the generic powers back in. They do work. But fair warning it will mean Force Users won't need to use advancements nearly as often to buy new powers.

                        Another good example is Havoc, there are 4 separate powers "Force Thrust", Force Slam, Force Whirlwind and Repulse that are all basically just Havoc.

                        So with the generic system I can spend one edge for New Powers and basically get 7 powers by only grabbing Havoc and Bolt. This leave me 2 extra advancements to spend elsewhere that I would have had to spend on New Powers for both of those advancements and that only gets me 6 of them if I do so I still don't have them all.

                        Anyway this is the reason behind the Power suite system and not the generic system. Again do it your way nothing wrong with it but Jedi quickly outshine other types if you just use the generic system and don't enforce power suites.
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                      • paladin2019
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                        You may need to steal some powers from Supers, e.g Absorption, Leap.
                        "Jedi aren't superheroes" - G. Lucas.


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                      paladin2019that doesn't work when you see Obi-Wan leap sixty feet in the Phantom Menace, and Rey even further in the Rise of the Skywalker. Sidious shoot down a fleet of ships. And then we have Yoda absorb lightning in Revenge of the Sith.

                      If you go even further into Legends, with Satele Shan absorbing a lightsaber, or blowing up part of a mountain. Legends is chock full of other really powerful stuff, if others want to include such things. Now Legends may be non-canon now, but that does not stop GM, or players, wanting to play in that sandbox.

                      The only way to replicate these powers is to use Savage Supers stuff.
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                      • Brandel Valico
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                        In a Jedi / Sith focused game using the Supers stuff is certainly not a bad idea. But the issue your going to run into is that if you plop a single super down into a bunch of standard characters who don't get Supers stuff. That player is now the main character and everyone else is a support character. So the idea isn't to replicate them exactly but instead give the feel for them while not making that character way more powerful then what everyone else is capable of.

                        That power issue is exactly the issue in every single version of the Star Wars Rpg that has existed before now. It's why alot of GM's won't allow Force Users in their games or run All Force users games. I've played them all (FFG being the single exception as I have yet to play it) and in every single version once Jedi get a few "levels" under them every other non-force "class" is now garbage.

                        That said I did dip into Supers for Move object and it required some serious tweaking to make it work. Including making certain levels only usable on certain sizes. So it's doable to use supers and such. But as you can see with Move Object it's way more complicated then just using the supers power. If they can toss a lightsaber around with a d12+13 strength or higher they are cutting whole spaceships apart not just mooks. The same applies to alot of the other Supers Powers.

                        In the end though if Supers is your preference just toss out the current Force powers and replace them with full blown Supers and apply those Rules. I just prefer Jedi to be part of the team not the Entire team with other players as minions running around collecting the loot.

                      • Brandel Valico
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                        As for the powers mentioned most of the onscreen stuff can happen. Those huge jumps? Look at Levitate they can happen. Yoda absorbing the Lightning? basically Rebuke, I don't recall Sidous ever shooting down a fleet of ships but then I'm not a big post Disney guy so may have been in a show I didn't watch so not really sure about this one.

                        Satele Shen absorbing the Lightsaber? Negate Energy and a good roll and a colorful description.
                        Blowing up part of a mountain (not sure where this is from)? but see Detonate and Shatterpoint used as part of a dramatic task and it's doable.
                        With the power levels as they are now.

                        Another thing to note other then the Force Leaps and Speed (See Surge) and moving objects with the Force (Move Object) most of the other examples you have given are considered extremely rare powers for a Jedi to have. Not something every Jedi just does. Most of those powers are held by "Legendary" figures. Well if a player makes it to Legendary status then more often then not most of those powers are going to be done as a Dramatic Task using the Powers to do them. But they shouldn't be something they just fling around in everyday situations or in combat ones even.

                        A really good mechanic for this is allowing them to spend a benny to influence the story. By activating a Dramatic Scene (A Modified Social Interaction from page 143 of the core book)

                        For example maybe take the Mace blocking the Force lightning from Palpantine with his lightsaber. It could break down like this.
                        NPC Palp: Activates Force Lighting and it arcs out towards PC Mace.
                        PC Mace: as I wasn't on hold I can't use Rebuke to try and prevent his attack. Hmm... I spend a benny to affect the story and activate a dramatic scene.
                        PC Mace and NPC Palp are now locked in the challenge. You do three quick opposed rolls between them.

                        With PC Mace trying to collect Tokens and NPC Palp trying to prevent them. Each success and raise by the initiator grants her a “Scene Token” (rivals don’t gain tokens, they just oppose the initiators rolls and keep her from gaining them). At the end of the 3 rolls the result below happens.

                        TOKENS RESULTS
                        0-3 : The Dramatic scene fails and the Initiator takes the full brunt of the attack.
                        4–5 The Initiator defends the attack but is is Distracted and Vulnerable to all other attacks.
                        6+ The Initiator defends against the attack and is not Distracted or Vulnerable to all other attacks

                        So using this quick and dirty guide PC Mace got 4 to 5 Tokens. Enough to block the Lightning but it left him distracted and vulnerable enough that he didn't see Anakin coming in to chop off his hand.
                        (This is a drop in scene and it all takes one round)

                        This is also a great way to introduce Duels as well. With the two duelists doing the above perhaps over several rounds until one is defeated.
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                        You did notice that I quoted Lucas and then laughed A LOT, correct? Why? Could it be because the first scene you mentioned is but one exemplar in his own work?

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                      Brandel Valico You are spot on here, force users to mundane absolutely make them redundant. I mean look at Rogue One. Put Donnie Yen's non-force using martial artist against Asoka, he'd get cut down. Although in-universe he may have trained with her with him keeping repeating his phrase if being one with the force. She used that inS7 of Clone Wars.

                      We know from Attack of the Clones that the jedis ability to use the force was reduced. That said though, I would dip into supers to steal the odd power then maje it Swade. Although I would keep power points, otherwise jedi would be fighting at super speed all of the time, having telekinetic battles 24/7. So for me, PP jeep that principle. It sort of enforces the reason they use lightsabers.

                      Force battles are tiring.


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                        In deluxe this actually worked well as getting back PP was a long process. But in Swade where you can spend Bennies to get 5 more it isn't as much of a hindrance as it used to be. Still not saying not to dip as noted I did for move object and it made for some great scenes in last nights game. But the idea of using mostly super powers in a non Force User only game? Not really a good idea to me. Noting that I had a Mando player hanging out an airlock blowing cloud cars out of the sky as the booked it towards orbit in the game last night as well. So I'm good with crazy stuff.

                        In the end though most super powers would need to be handicapped to make them usable in a shared Force - NonForce PC world and thats with PP keeping them even further in check.

                        Just my view of course. I like Jedi to be cool but I also don't want my other players just feeling like their characters are pointless as well. The idea is for everyone to enjoy the game not just the Jedi type players.

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                      Satele Shan Old Republic - so technically non-canon


                      She lands and projects force wave.


                      0.55 or so uses tutaminis to absorb lightsaber. Same as Yoda uses against Sidious and Dooku.


                      Whether you call it Negate Energy, or Absorption, is as you say a matter of description, and colour. Obviously the wikia says it is absorption, but also negate energy. But you are never going to get it 100% short of writing a whole lot of extra edges like: Control, Sense, Alter, and split the powers up (like in D6) - which goes against the entire principle of Savage Worlds IMHO.

                      1.36 blasts out a wave taking large part of lower mountain / hill.


                      This is from Rise of the Skywalker. Force lightning disables rebel fleet in Disney canon. Now in Legends he was far more powerful with Force Storm which could literally destroy fleets, and devastate a planet. And in Darth Bane book, DB he tricks dark side users into using a ritual which also scours planet of life (IIRC).


                      This power is just nuts quite honestly.


                      You see both Obi-Wan and Maul use Protection (actually a force power) I believe to survive fall. And ge then jumps it. Now upon rewatching it seems more like 30 feet, which is only Leap 2 or 3.

                      Ensure PP expenditure is used to prevent overuse. Now I wouldn't penalise someone for a short jump even if out of PP (Maximum effort to quote Deadpool). Thankfully Legends is non-canon on account a Star Destroy could churn out 200 gigatons per turbolaser.
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                      • Brandel Valico
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                        Okay again Satele Lands does Repulse, then the saber block is again just Negate Energy and a good role and nice description (or just a cool way to describe Force Shield effecting a bad attack roll on his part. Heck even Damage Resistance could be described that way.), She then uses Force Thrust. To smack him against the wall. The last move is just Force Blast modified with the Damage and Area Effect modifiers and a raise for a sweet roll with an Ace or two and maybe even a conviction point. I'd also say your exaggerating a bit saying it blows out a large part of a mountain. It does about what a stick of dynamite might do Nothing in that video changes anything or isn't possible with the current Force Power suite. The names used are as noted from the SAGA edition of the game.


                        Okay next Video, Okay yeah that's Disney but I would argue that this isn't actually him doing this alone. He is currently a nexus point of Darkside energy. This is not a Character doing this. It is akin to complaining that your character can't do what Gods can do in DnD. Your right you can't do it nor should you ever be able to do it.

                        As for His version of Force Storm yeah, sorry again Palpantine is basically a God tier Legendary Character when it comes to his powers. Standard characters simply can't and shouldn't be doing that. Also keep in mind that he is doing the same thing as he does in the Video. That isn't him doing that by himself. He is draining and using the power of Darkside Adepts to create those Storms. So in effect it's actually 30 or 40 darksiders all working together to make them.

                        The same thing applies to Bane and his Thoughtbomb. That is not a single Sith doing it. They have used the combined powers of hundreds of Sith to make that. It's not something they can do on their own. Every single one of these powers would be better served as a Dramatic task. With the hero's trying to prevent it. These should never be standard powers. They are closer to Rituals where your trying to prevent them from finishing.

                        As for the last video
                        See the Levitation Power and it's ability to get rid of falling damage. As for the Jump again also Levitation. Both again covered by the current Power suite. So nothing impossible here as is. The shorter jumps earlier are just Surge Jumps so nothing big there either. Maul tossing the Skull at the button is just Move object, Maul knocking Obi-wan into the pit is just Force Thrust. Obi's last move is a Multi action for Move Object and Levitation yet again. All well within basic power levels found in the Power suits.


                        Again to clarify the names I used are just taken from the Official Names from the WOTC Saga Edition of the game. Which is what I used for the Conversion.

                        As for the Power Points again in Swade you can spend a Benny to get 5 PP back at any time. So even if they only have 20 PP to start. They can actually have 35 just by smart benny spending. Add in the ability to short powers and your barking up a dead tree, unless you force them to do a ton of fights back to back to back.

                        Uhh, not sure why the output of a SD matters to a discussion of Force Powers but yeah that's an insane number.
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