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A SWADE conversion of Star Wars

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  • A SWADE conversion of Star Wars

    The Star Wars Companion Revised and Expanded edition. Almost Three years involved in creating it expanding it and revising it.
    Last Updated August 29th, 2023.
    I hope everyone finds it useful and enjoyable to play.
    The current edition is Version 3.5. If you look at the bottom of the Table of Context you should see
    "Revised & Expanded Edition 3.5"
    if you do not see this your version of the Rules are outdated.

    The current edition of the Planetary Guide is 1.0, If you look at the bottom of the First page of the Table of Context you should see "Version 1.0" if you do not see this your version of the Guide is outdated.

    The link to the Star Wars Revised and Expanded Companion 3.5 can be found here

    The link to the Star Wars Planetary Guide 1.0 can be found here

    The Galaxy Map by W. R. van Hage 2007

    The link to a great Expansion "THE SPIRIT OF REBELLION​" by Table Cat Games

    The overall goals for the expansion is to bring Star Wars in Savage Worlds a bit closer to A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Rogue One, Solo, and the series Andor, The Mandalorian, and The Book of Boba Fett. You’ll also find some, but not all, aspects of Rebels, the Obi-Wan series, and the Fallen Order video game.
    He knocks all of these Goals out of the park!

    The link to the Companion 3.5 Module for Fantasy Grounds by GM Daddiecat


    Star Wars One Shots/ Campaigns Adapted to SWADE ( Generally Speaking any adaption issues or mistakes were made by me not the people listed)

    FAIR WARNING: many of these are woefully out of date and need to be updated as such expect page #'s to be incorrect when referencing books like the SWADE Core Book or the Companion.

    One Shots
    • The Rodian Bomber and The Quarren Engineer: by Will Lewis
    • The Grinning Gundark: by Ted Arlauskas
    • Recovery on Burton Station: by -Mo
    • Into the Eternity Vault: by Jessica Allée
    • Containment: by The Basic GM
    • The Pelhon Dilemma: by GALAXY MASTER
    • Screia Dome: by Gerald Huml
    • Wild Frontier: by GhostDragon
    • Poisounous Shadows: by Lucas Ribeiro
    • Tenjura Mass: by JORESS
    • Tango Squad: by Kirby Gehman
    • Death Star toy inspired Star Wars Choose your own Adventure (Must be downloaded for Hyperlinks to work correctly) : by Mark Dowson

    • Dawn of Defiance Campaign (Episode 1 of 10 is completed): by David Morris
    • Dawn of Defiance Campaign (Episodes 1-8 of 10 completed): by Andy Roberts
    • Dawn of Defiance Campaign.Zip (Rough Notes and Maps for all 10 Episodes): by Chris Leiby
    • ​Tapani Campaign - Spheres Fate (A 6 Part Adventure Campaign): by Jeff Greening

    Character Sheets/ Other Useful Files (New Character Sheets added by Dave Koehr and by Pawel Pyrka)
    A Facebook Group for sharing your stories and discussing running Star Wars using the Files found here or any others.
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    I missed the original post, but from what I gather, you had a link to a Star Wars conversion.

    That is perfectly fine to have here. PEG just doesn't want any converted material to be part of the body text of a post. That's where the "filed-off serial numbers" come in. Do not post the stats of "Luke Skywalker" ... instead post the stats "Lewis Kai Stalker."

    Get it?

    So throw that link back up.


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      Deskepticon hmm... I can see that take on it. I have re-edited the Original Post.


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        Killer work mate. I'm working on a similar project so maybe you're work will help with mine The hardest part of converting star wars is the force. Personally I preferred the old 1st edition star wars rpg. Rather than specific powers it was more freeform with different abilities having higher difficulties. I'm going to try something like that with penalties ala no power points. Would like your opinion on that angle


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          frogboy_7 if your talking about the old D6 system with "Control, Alter, and Sense" it's going to be a rougher conversion to Swade,

          Honestly if thats what your looking to do scrape the entire power section of SWADE. You would be better off just creating three new Skills/Edges called Control, Sense, and Alter all with the pre-requirement of "Force Sensitive" then just copy paste the old D6 powers straight over. Make it so a single use power has no penalty. A two use Power is at -2 and a three use power is at -4 to their "Force Sensitive" Roll. All maintained powers inflict a further -1 per power.

          I would probably disagree on it being more freeform though. I like the versatility of trappings and being able to design exactly how my version of the powers manifest for my characters.
          Honestly though I did consider the above approach in my own conversion. But well at that point I might as well have just played the WEG version and not bothered playing it in SWADE.

          As for the no power point rule, I'm still kind of up in the air on it. I liked it in Lankhmar where magic was meant to be a slow thing that took work. In Star Wars though most Jedi in the wild can just do most things.
          That and when you figure in all the various penalties that can be inflicted on Jedi (I would do tricks and tests on them all day) as well as wound and fatigue penalties converting the power point cost to a roll penalty makes it so most of the bigger stuff just is very unlikely to happen. Considering that most Magic users in Swade are ahead of the curve until about seasoned but lag behind after that (Even with the Power Point system) due to edge economy increased penalties just seem harsh to me in a setting that doesn't have restrictive magic in that setting.

          So like Darksun I would certainly use the no power points setting and a seriously nasty backlash table. Star Wars though, While it may be limited in who can use it. Those that can use it freely usually without concern of failure.

          Good luck on your own conversion, I hope you find it as much fun as I did and hopefully mine is indeed useful to you

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            I was working on my Savage Star Wars rules a ways back. I'm particularly proud of the Edges and how I handled the Force. Gear, droids, ships, etc. I wasn't able to bring to a satisfactory point before my interests brought my elsewhere, but the bones are there for folks to mess around with.
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              Doctor Boson thanks for sharing yours as well. Nice to see how someone else would convert things over to Savage Worlds


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                Okay been a long time working on this. We start the play test and campaign tomorrow. So super excited about it. Upside is I finished it under the wire. Though I have started working on a Species Supplement to Convert over the majority of the Species found in the various SAGA Edition books to Swade. Currently at 20 Species with a ton to go. But with the 17 in the Core Conversion and the 9 in the SWADE core book it sets us at 46 currently. Upside is I can work on this at my leisure as I don't need to have it done right away.


                • Deskepticon
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                  Good Luck, mate, and Happy Gaming!

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                Thank you Deskepticon I appreciate it


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                  Okay added the session notes from our first session. Will be updating it as well from time to time.


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                    Well Three Sessions all wrapped up and everything seems to still be fairly well balanced. The Players are having a blast and so am I. We have finished Episode One and will be starting Episode Two next session. The Session Notes have been updated to include all Three currently ran sessions as well.


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                      Well the Fourth session is in the bag and we have had our first character death in a very massive fight. It has been a very exciting time so far. The session Notes have been updated to show what happened.


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                        Well during the play test a player decided to add a shield with his lightsaber. Which had the interesting effect of making his lightsaber Parry from Jedi Knight way more powerful then was intended. As such Lightsabers have been adjusted to be two handed. Which makes this harder to do. As it now inflicts a -4 to use one handed. But As it's a cool idea the player came up with. That and I still want to allow Duel Wielding Sabers the Ambidextrous and Two-Fisted Edges now also reduce that -4 by two points each.

                        The change has been made to the Final Draft of the PDF


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                          The change works fine if the issue was only about duel-wielding, but it also affects other concepts. Playing a One-Armed jedi, for example, now requires an additional two Edges that the character would not otherwise benefit from if it weren't for this special rule. It's a rather hefty "Edge tax" that only serves to discourage this (albeit niche) cool concept.

                          Also, the core two-handed rule is not just limited to "holding" an object, it extends to any time a character uses their other hand for anything besides wielding the two-handed weapon. So a jedi that uses Force Push and attacks in the same turn will take a -4 penalty, because one hand needs to activate the power and therefore cannot hold the saber.

                          The point is, it seems the root of the concern is how Jedi Knight interacts with the other core rules (specifically, shield bonuses), so to me the fix is changing Jedi Knight. Not adding more special rules.

                          The topic of whether lightsabers are one-handed or two-handed is certainly up for debate. I will concede that most characters use them two-handed, but that just strikes me as a style trapping, not an inherent aspect of the weapon. There are plenty of instances in the fiction where they're used in one hand. As far as the SW rules go, there's nothing forbidding an attack by a one-handed weapon to be described as a two-handed strike... indeed, that's an excellent Trapping for Wild Attack.

                          But I disgress. My goal isn't to change your mind, only to offer a different perspective.
                          Cheers, and good luck!

                        • Brandel Valico
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                          Honestly very valid points I had not considered. Thanks for them. It does seem to effect more then it fixes. I hadn't considered One arm Jedi and the use of Force powers effecting the two handed. After running a few scenarios since your first comment though it does seem to be an issue in that regard as well as a few others. Like trying to pilot a vehicle and still bat away blaster bolts and such.

                          It does seem that the better fix is to adjust Jedi Knight and Master instead. Thanks Deskepticon I really do appreciate this. Getting a different opinion does help.
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                          Brandel Valico You are very welcome!
                          But my advice was only made possible by the many great people on these forums who taught me to look at every possible angle when making a rules change. I deserve only a small portion of the praise.

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                        I have added 4 more species to the Species Companion bringing the total in it to 24. With the 17 Species in the Main Conversion and the 9 species from the Core Swade Book that puts the current available Species at a staggering 50 Species currently.


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                          Okay Thanks to some great feedback from Deskepticon the PDF has been updated to get rid of the recent change. This returns Lightsabers back to one handed status and changing Jedi knight and Master to using their "Base" parry to deflect range attacks