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  • Bolt Power Modifier

    Taking a stab at this. Feedback welcome.

    New Modifiers (bolt power):
    BARRAGE (+2/+3): By spending two additional Power Points, bolt becomes RoF 3. For an additional Power Point, three total, the power does not suffer Recoil penalties.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.

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    That is fair and works well.


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      I've always considered PP costs to be the equivalent of Strain, racial abilities and the SPC Powers. Additional attacks that ignore the MAP penalties are usually valued at 3 each, 2 if they have a limitation. I would say increasing the Power's ROF by 1 costs 2 PP each time, or 3 PP if they ignore recol penalties.


      • ValhallaGH
        ValhallaGH commented
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        I considered that, but keep in mind that blast is only 3 PP for a MBT, or 4 PP for a LBT. Charging 5 PP for a RoF 3 bolt that does the same damage isn't remotely the same value for power points.

      • dentris
        dentris commented
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        Not exactly true. A ROF 3 Bolt can do things a Blast cannot (hitting targets further apart, make called shots for extra damage, or hit the same target thrice, for example). In my personnal experience, Bolts with a ROF are extremely deadly, especially when combined with that extra d6 damage.

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      Now where have I seen something similar?

      I had meant to post revisions in that thread but got distracted by life. Then forgot all about it.

      I would agree with dentris that the values should be higher. If you're going to skip RoF2 and go straight to RoF3, I think +3 is a more fair evaluation. Remember, you can add Damage for +2pp and launch three 3d6 bolts for 6 PP (at my evaluation). Incidentally, this was the same cost that DL:R used.

      Ignoring Recoil for +1pp sounds very low. Just to do a brute-force comparison, a Seasoned mage with warrior's gift would spend 3pp to get an equivalent ability through Rock 'n Roll (5pp base, -1 for Self only, -1 for "limited to X"). The proposed power modifier is available at Novice and allows the character to move, which the Edge doesn't. However, the cost of the modifier must be applied to each casting, whereas warrior's gift lasts multiple rounds. If I were to assign point values on these abilities, it'd be:
      • +1 for lower-Rank access
      • +1 for movement allowed
      • -2 for Instant-only duration
      Basically, I took the long way around to say that ignoring Recoil penalties is probably worth +3pp (+2 at the very least).

      With no changes to the description, I'd value this power modifier at +3/+5