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    I'm thinking of running a Mutant Crawl Classics game using Savage Worlds (of course). Does anybody know if there is a conversion? If not what Savage Worlds setting do you think would work best for a post-apocalyptic world filled with mutants?

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    Not knowing the answer to your question, I'll throw out some thoughts on rolling your own.

    What defines a mutant in the setting? If it's simply a different (horrific?) appearance from a normal example of the species, this is simply a trapping change to the standard version. At most, you might consider changing Intimidate for Persuasion as a Common Skill. If changes are more profound, consider opening up some of the racial abilities as add-ons; also decide if the setting also skews toward 4 point races.

    There is no reason you can't use these as inspiration for changes to the opposition (who don't have to follow any creation rules), either. Also, consider the roles of creatures in the bestiary; there's no need to create the big, mutant bruiser when the orc, or a tweaked version, is right there.

    If mutations are more involved and/or varied, AB: Gifted comes in handy. Maybe it's free in the setting, maybe just one of a couple of free options; if super-science is in play, AB:Weird Science can be an alternate option. Consider limited power lists if the goal isn't every random, wacky X-Man under the sun.


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      This should be pretty easy to do yourself. The pure-strain humans are straight forward builds, using the core rules (with AB psionics to simulate "wetware").

      The mutants are a little more difficult. You can probably get by with the racial abilities and some monster abilities ported over, but you'll likely want to create a bunch of new ones. Luckily, you can save yourself a LOT of time by picking up The Mutation Deck, by Just Insert Imagination. It features 52 different mutations, conveniently balanced as Edges, as well as both Minor and Major Hindrances. Basically... everything you need to run MMC in Savage Worlds. The only downside is the deck was created for Deluxe Edition, so you'll need to make a few adjustments.

      Other than that, seems like a simply conversion.
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      Love the idea, but I come from playing Gamma World since the 1980s and love MCC is a homage to that game. Plus they added the AI Shamans which is cool as heck to me. (I've already written up some conversion stuff.)

      If you are looking for some inspiration, try Savage Gamma World (v2) by Kenneth McArthur. Sadly, it is not quite a setting book, more of a full conversion/rebuild of Gamma World into Savage Worlds, but is has some cool ideas.

      If you PM me, I can shoot you (if I can find it - I have a 200-page binders full of ideas and scenarios and conversion notes) my build for a Shaman. (Really, just a reskin of the Miracles Arcane Bonus with some AI stuff thrown in. I did the same for nanotech usage from Gamma World d20 (6th Edition). Again, I am finding staying within the FFF SWADE rules but simply reskinning/renaming is a lot of fun and gets good mileage.


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        Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Savage Gamma World

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      P.S. here is my take on Pure Humans. (I use 4 racial points for my Gamma World conversion)

      Pure Strain Humans (“Superior Human,” “Homo Superior,” “New Men,” “Genetic Safeguarding Treatment Human”)
      • Homo Superior [+4]: Due to Ancient genetic engineering, they start with d6 in Smarts and Vigor.
      • Ancient’s Heritage [+1]: Due to their technological heritage, PSHs gain +2 to Science when analyzing artifacts.
      • Medical Compatibility [+0]: Ancient medical devices and drugs work correctly and safely.
      • Locked DNA [-1]: Immune to mutation from radiation due to the Genetic Safeguarding Treatment. They still may sicken and die from radiation or biogenetics.
      • Tools of the Past [+0]: Recognized by most sane AIs and “live metal.” [note: Mutants and Plants have interaction penalties to Persuasion, etc.]


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        I just finished updating the Savage Gamma World conversion by Kenneth MacArthur to SWADE. Is there a place to share it?
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          Welcome to the forum!
          You cannot post other people's intellectual property to these forums. However, you can post links - so host your conversion somewhere (a website, dropbox file, Google Doc, etc.) and start a new thread with that link to share and discuss your conversion.

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        Thank you, will do.