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    Originally posted by Sgt Anjay View Post

    Ok, I totally follow the logic of that. A "these edges apply to a mount/mounted combat" is not enough, neither is just Beast Bond. So put them together and make a Natural Horseman Edge. At that point. That does invalidate the usefulness of "roll soak for your mount" of Ace/Trained Rider, though, doesn't it? Would that make that Edge not worth it anymore?

    Ugh, I would have thought I'd be better at gauging Edges but sometimes I feel like they can be really subjective.
    Glad that made sense.

    Trained Rider is a very different kind of edge, and while it doesn't stack with an expanded Beast Bond (Natural Horseman) horseman the overlap allows for some interesting choices.
    Trained Rider - the character is a highly talented rider (+2 to all Riding checks), gifted at moving mounts out of the way (Riding to Soak), and relies almost entirely on her own skill to get the most out of a mount. The higher the character's Riding skill, the better this gets, and if the character is a Wild Card then this is a huge benefit.
    Natural Horseman - the character is highly in tune with mounts, capable of pushing them to incredible performance (mount can spend bennies on any Trait roll), able to share her own combat training with a mount (various Combat edges), and able to help her mount throw off some attacks (allowing Soak rolls). The higher the mount's Traits, the better it will perform, though a Wild Card with weak Traits will still be better than an Extra with high Traits.
    So, a Trained Rider would be great at imposing his skill upon a mount. A Natural Horseman would be great at maximizing a mount's actual abilities. A character with both abilities could use whichever seems best in a given moment.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Ok, so overlap but not redundant, that's good.

      Well then. So, Natural Horseman, Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6, Riding d8, a character can spend their bennies on and share combat edges with a designated mount.

      And, say, Horse Racer, Requirements: Novice, Agility d8, Riding d8, a character can spur a mount to greater speeds than normal, +1 to Run die rolls for an animal being ridden.

      How do those look as a first pass?


      • Deskepticon
        Deskepticon commented
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        For Horse Racer, I would increase the bonus to +2, but add a stipulation that using the Edge in consecutive turns causes the horse Fatigue.

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      I would suggest the following:

      Edges: The Beast Bond edge has been removed and replaced by Natural Horseman.
      Natural Horseman
      Requirements: Novice
      Some individuals share an incredible bond with their animal companions. These characters may spend their own Bennies for any animals under their control, including mounts, pet dogs, familiars, and so forth. Additionally, any mounts ridden by the character benefit from the following edges (and their improved versions), if the character has the Edge: Block, Brave, Dodge, Elan, Extraction, and Hard to Kill.

      The edge list might need some tweaking, but that should go a long way towards making Beast Bond worthwhile.

      Brutal Jockey
      Requirements: Novice, Riding d8+
      An experienced racer, courier, or scout, this rider can push her mounts further and faster than most. Any mount she rides gains the Fleet Footed edge (+2 Pace, +2 steps of Running die) and increases its Running results by +1. If the mount was already Fleet Footed then it only gets the Running benefit.
      The GM may cause Fatigue to any mount that has been subjected to this edge for an extended period, with or without a Trait roll, at her discretion.

      Looking at it, the Running bump wasn't worth an edge. It needed something more, hence the floating edge for the mount.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        Yeah, that looks great. For Natural Horseman, all those Edges look good, the only one I would still wonder about adding, at least in the core book, would be Combat Reflexes. Obviously Edges from other books would need to be considered in games with them in play.

        For Brutal Jockey, I don't especially have an issue with that bump to full-on Fleet Footed, or adding in the Fatigue component, though I would probably go ahead and start having the mount make Vigor rolls for Fatigue after the second consecutive round of it. That GM leeway might be a better way to go though.


        • ValhallaGH
          ValhallaGH commented
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          The nice thing about GM leeway is that you are now worrying about it when the GM thinks it should matter. Hustling around the city to get to a meeting? Probably doesn't matter, don't roll it. Chasing down a fleeing scout? Could matter in a couple of rounds. Crossing the Ocean of Fire? You bet it matters.