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Help Please for Super Powers conversion to SWADE

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  • Help Please for Super Powers conversion to SWADE

    Started a campaign of Necessary Evil and have run in to a couple of problems from misunderstandings or just not grokking the changes. Most have been dealt with, but running into a weird issue.

    SWADE uses SKILLS for Active tasks, and ABILITIES as Defensive rolls; problem I have didn't realize is alot of powers use Abilities to activate. One player suggested to use FOCUS as the skill for controlling them, which I kinda Okay-ed but didn't push onto other players. He didn't put any skill points into it simply used it as replacement for Spirit rolls, but other powers are requiring Agility or Smarts rolls as well.

    Kinda stumped on how to resolve without it becoming a mess. 1/2 the party are new, and maybe having issues with one experienced player, so trying to keep solution to FFF, but unsure on how to handle.

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    Generally, that is how Traits work. Supers is one of the few genres where I can see changing that dynamic. Controlling super powers is often intuitive.

    If you want to make powers skill based then you should institute that up front, or have a "rebuild" session after you figure out what you want.

    Powers that are activated with Attributes:
    • Energy control: control (smarts)
    • Healing (spirit)
    • Intangibility (spirit)
    • Malfunction (spirit)
    • Mind Control (smarts)
    • Mind reading (smarts)
    • Negation (spirit)
    • Possession (spirit)
    • Storm (spirit)
    • teleport blind (smarts)
    So, ten powers. All the others are either automatic or use Fighting / Shooting / Etc.
    I might suggest two skills. Concentration (Smarts) and Focus (Spirit), then assign them to the relevant attribute powers.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Of Valhalla's list I've only had Mind Reading used in a game so far and I ruled that the character used Persuasion. Not perfect but it works.