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    My wow guild would like me to run a savage game on our discord channel, all I could find was an old mod set during Warcraft 3 with original savage worlds, has anyone found anything newer

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    What do you need that is purely mechanical and not related to the lore of the world. I'm not sure there's much to do besides focusing what HIndrances, Skills, and Edges are appropriate. Let's run down some practical questions.

    What components are setting anachronistic? Androids, Rock and Roll!, and M60s probably shouldn't be available, for example.

    Power level. Do you want to hang around Northshire Abbey or start later in your career? Beginning with Seasoned characters may not be a bad fit to the setting conceits with your likely multi-racial party.

    Alliance or Horde? This determines what races are missing.
    • Can something be reskinned? Half--folk for gnomes or goblins (maybe replacing Luck with McGyver or Mr. Fix It), for example.
    • You're probably going to have to build most of the Horde races from scratch, however.
    Closed or open builds?
    • Closed: You're signing up to make IF-type analogs to all the WoW classes. Some Edges may become restricted to these like Iconic Edges.
    • Open: Standard SW model, but you probably need some build templates in mind to help realize adaptations of the WoW classes

    Magic Items
    • Avoid bonuses to hit. Task resolution is so tight in SW that any constant modifier risks breaking the game.
    • Focus on measure of success modifiers and, especially, non-success influencing qualities.
      • Damage and armor bonuses can scale prpoperly, especially if you rate damage bonuses as increasing die types, but they WILL break the system if used against wrong tier stuff. Given this a Wow adaptation, this may be a feature rather than a bug.
      • Non-success abilities would be things that "proc" on hits or damage results. If a target is Shaken, he's blinded, too. A lightning sword arcs to damage everything/enemies within a SBT if it wounds the main target. Things like that.

    Basically, I don't think you need too much beyond the SWADE core to do this.


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      I've done a race conversion a while back (back at least in explorer, i'll see if I can find it), and found it easier to balance everything at +6 (especially because of the Forsaken and the pricey Undead racial ability). Humans had a free Edge and a free d6 in one attribute and one skill depending on their region of origin, Gnomes had -1 Toughness, d8 Smarts, McGyver and a free d4 in repair, etc.


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        Originally posted by Paladin1127 View Post
        My wow guild would like me to run a savage game on our discord channel, all I could find was an old mod set during Warcraft 3 with original savage worlds, has anyone found anything newer
        Not that I'm aware of.

        But you can make your own fairly easily.
        You need races (human, dwarf, night elf, gnome, draenei, worgen, pandaran, orc, undead, tauren, troll, blood elf, and goblin). Some of those are pretty simple, pulling on the core rules (human, dwarf) or tweaking the core rules (night and blood elves, gnomes, worgen), and the others can be made with the typical race creation rules. The only difficulty is identifying those racial features that make it feel like the race to the players.
        You may need to change the base power of races to achieve that feel, which is fine. Just remember to elevate all the races to the same level.

        Classes are modeled by combinations of Edges, powers, and Trappings. It's fairly straight forward, and more flexible than the actual class system.

        Totally viable, just takes some work. Work I would normally offer to help with but I have too much on my plate at the moment.
        I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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          So I'm new ish to savage worlds, all I really need is help making the races and stats for the druid forms and maybe the demons that the warlock summons, I can figure out the rest, I just really need help with a starting point


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            I haven't played anything since Warcraft 3 (core, before the expansions) so I won't be much help. I just wanted to say there are a several Warcraft RPG books released from Whitewolf for the DnD 3e ruleset. Last I checked, you can browse the books for free on Scribd, and converting from 3e to Savage Worlds is fairly easy. That might be better than trying to start from scratch.


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