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[Apoc] Exciting Misses During Your Combats

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  • [Apoc] Exciting Misses During Your Combats

    I came up with this chart for my post-apoc Gamma World game to add spice to missing during combat. (I also have a similar but less dramatic one for Old West style). Note, this is just for a general missed ranged attack, not a Critical Miss that hits an Innocent Bystander.

    Post-Apoc Missed Shot Chart!
    Roll a d10 when a ranged attack misses

    1. Missed shot sets off a sealed artillery shell of Disassembler Nanites (LBT, Pace 3) which begin to eat all organic matter in area. They do 2d4 continual damage. Treat as a Swarm, but with only Toughness 3 vs. area effect attacks.
    2. Shot his old underground gas line or storage tank, setting off LBT explosion for 2d10 damage.
    3. The round hits a combatant (no damage), tearing off an embarrassing piece of clothing.
    4. Shot keeps going and going and going until ... (GM's discretion) or a distant scream of outrage or explosion is heard.
    5. Nothing happens except a flashy ricochet or minor explosion*.
    6. Miss glances off transparisteel windows, ricocheting back and forth for for the full round.
    7. Shot hits old power transformer/broadcast power repeated, raining down electrical fire in SBT for d6 turns (roll Agility or take 1d6 electrical damage).
    8. Miss nails abandoned 50-gallon drum which contains: 1. radioactive sludge, 2. preserved and still-explosive fuel, 3. 50 gallons of sealed rotting body parts, 4. swarm of wild-mode nanites.
    9. The round glances off half-buried large robot, which slowly comes to life (d4 rounds). How is it programmed? (Probably poorly).
    10. Shots hits a nearby ruin, awakening a Gargantuan radioactive monster which is annoyed or hungry. It really has no preference who it munches on first, and former enemies may soon become allies.

    *Yes, something always blows up. Think of a Michael Bay movie.

    Hope you enjoy.

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    Note the Innocent Bystander can happen on any miss (page 102).
    Each skill die that’s a 1 hits a random victim adjacent to or directly in the line of fire to the original target. Wild dice never hit innocent bystanders.
    A Wild Card must miss with his Wild Die for a RoF 1 weapon to hit an Innocent Bystander (except for shotguns, see below).
    This means it’s sometimes easier to hit an adjacent victim than the original target. That may not be entirely realistic, but is simple, dramatic, and requires some care in tight tactical situations.
    „„ROF 2 + OR SHOTGUN: Weapons that spray bullets or buckshot are much more likely to hit others. Each skill die that rolls a 1 or a 2 hits a bystander.
    Why not just use the Area Attack deviation rules? Then center an explosion there that does:
    Pistol: 2d4, SBT
    Rifle: 2d6, MBT
    Big Gun: 2d8, LBT
    That means every attack explodes, you get to use an existing rule that might be underused, and it's easy to remember and adjudicate.

    As for the table, you 1) summon a new foe that's hostile to everyone, 2) cause a massive explosion that might be helpful, 3) causes random nudity, 4) hits something or someone off the map, 5) causes a cool visual effect, 6) causes a daunting audio effect, 7) causes minor environment hazard, 8) sub table of environmental effects, 9) slowly summon a new foe that's hostile to everyone, or 10) summon a new foe that's hostile to everyone.
    That's 3 "new foe appears" entries, 2 "environmental hazard" entries, 1 serious explosion at a random location entry, 1 "GM does something off screen" effect, and 3 purely cosmetic effects.

    It's an unusual and annoying way to discourage ranged combat, but very effective.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.