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Savage Resident Evil, Needing Some Help On Motivations/ Backgrounds

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  • Savage Resident Evil, Needing Some Help On Motivations/ Backgrounds

    Alrighty so running a Resident Evil One Shot and a Mini Campaign, called "Welcome to Pleasantvillle, South Carolina" The One shot will work Similar to RE:Outbreak, except the Characters are working for the company that unintentionally causes the Outbreak, most of them unaware that their "peaceful" little pharmaceutical company and labs, are also creating B.O.W.s as major profit on the side. The Game will be based on Cannon; taking place in 2008, one year before the incidents leading up to RE5, and 3 years since RE: Revelations. I'm having some issues with designing multiple Motivations and Secondary Goals (beyond survival) for a host of characters. Any assistance greatly appreciated and most helpful. (Side Note I've been researching generators and other sources, not having a lot of luck for modern games, definitely appreciate any suggestions there as well.)

    The Characters I need help with.:
    Louis Everton [HR Rep]
    Shawn McFarlagne [Custodian/ Handyman]
    Adam Thompson [Security Guard]
    Alicia Stone [Scientist and PharmaTech]
    Lily Dapsmuth [Student Intern]
    Emila Parks [Secretary]
    Zoey Hendrickson [Intern Animal Handler]

    Two premade chars I already have done, for examples of what I’m looking for, or anything really in that ball park can be helpful, again thanks.

    Amanda Kendrick (Staff Biologist)
    Background and Motivations: She was cultivating several plants, that have promising affects and possible prolong cures for cancer, she needs to get samples of before leaving the building. Her Son is suffering from stage 1 and it’s imperative she gets those samples.

    Bill Stallings [Fed Ex Driver]
    Background and Motivations: Recently lost 5 Kilos of Cocaine, has to get something of relevant worth, or destined to be killed by the Local Cartel, if he does manage to survive this nightmare.

    ...and of course if anyone would like to see my House Rules for the games, just let me know. =)