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  • Savage Witcher?

    After watching the witcher tv series I feel a strong nerd obligation to convert it to SWADE. Trying to build basic stats/skills for the various Witcher schools.
    -Wolf: Balance
    -Bear: Defense, Strength
    -Cat: speed, precision
    -Manticore: Alchemy, bombs, potions
    -Griffin: Focus on magic
    -Viper: assassins, focus on dual wielding daggers

    Any suggestions/guidelines would be greatly appreciated.

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    Not too familiar with the series, but wouldn't the difference between schools be more about edges than traits?


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      The Witcher universe seems to convert pretty well to Adventure Edition.

      • Accept that the race will be overly powerful. Even with fitting drawbacks like Outsider and Poverty, Witchers have too many physical gifts to balance well. Unless you use something like the Harrowed from Lost Colony, where they have a bunch of unique edges* to fully develop their powers. Given their training times, this might actually be the best approach.
      • Signs are probably AB (Gifted), with a very limited power list and trappings.
      • The Schools focus on different Edges, as gigacanuck suggested. There might even be enough in the source materials to create school-specific Edges, but I doubt it.
      • Potions are going to be troublesome, though the Arcane Devices rules might work. Alternatively, create an Alchemist Edge that allows folks to make potent potions (mostly boost Trait and darkvision) but have a drawback - probably blend the Shorting and No Power Points rules, then add to the Witcher Edges an Edge that reduces / eliminates the penalty for alchemical potions.
      • The bombs are niche and strange gear that is useful enough for Witchers that they make and use it, but not generally useful enough for kingdoms to bother trying to use them.
      • Alternatively: bombs are a trapping for some additional Gifted powers that Witchers can use. Notable stun, confusion, and entangle.
      • Enforce the Background part of Arcane Background (Magic) really hard. If you don't start with Magic then you can't develop it.
      • Belonging to one of the fraternities or conclaves of magi probably counts as a type of Aristocrat. Social education, connections, respect, and high-society knowledge.
      Non-Human Races:
      • Dwarf, elf, and half-folk should be easy enough. The Adventure Edition versions should be fine, and the rest is RP and setting specific cultural stuff. Remember that non-humans are treated well in a number of locations and nations; they'd only be automatic Outsiders in some of the nations of the North.
      • Monster races like doppels, werewolves, succubi, and others will be more difficult. You'll need to decide if you want them to be playable at all. For doppels, the disguise and mind reading powers seem necessary.
      Good luck, and I hope that helps some.

      *Of especial note is the new Supernatural Trait Edge, which can be taken once per Attribute. It increases the current and maximum Attribute by two steps, and increases the maximum of all skills linked to that Attribute by two steps. If Geralt took Supernatural Agility (which he almost certainly did) then his maximum Agility and Fighting skill is d12+2, before Legendary rank when it becomes d12+4 with the Professional and Expert Edges.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        There was a short thread about magic and Witcher Signs here that might be useful. The gist of it is: magic is dangerous, but less so for Witchers.

        As for the schools, I'd probably design them as Edges that Witcher characters can take (and aspiring Witchers can work toward). Presumably your setting would allow for more than just Witchers, right? Sorcerors, hedge knights, or even merchants can make interesting character concepts.