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    This is an optional implementation of the Chase rules for situations where, like the Dog-Fight & Duels configuration, the Chase is a scrum instead of the basic race. Why Catan tiles instead of cards? They are visually interesting for the open terrain fighting I envision for their use and the hexagonal format allows for the diagonal movement square cards do not. Of course, if you have a fancy hexagonal deck, those will work with this, too. I primarily intended this as a way to integrate all the varying speed classes of a SR party into something playable without setting up a 4x8 for every open terrain fight.

    Deal the tiles like a standard Catan island (no numbers). Choose range increments as normal. My suggestion is aircraft/25”. At this scale, treat standard rifle range (24/48/96) as 1/2/4 cards for playability.

    Change Position: If Pace is less than 20 (including the running roll), move one fewer cards than normal. A Pace greater than 60 may move one extra card. Optional cornering limits: Movement greater than 1 card in a turn restricts turning/exiting the card to the three sides opposite the side entered. Example:

    Click image for larger version

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    Fleeing is possible if the character or vehicle is on a border card. The roll has a -1 for each card with an enemy within a range of 3 cards, up to -4. These modifiers replace the normal ones. If successful, escape the Chase as normal.

    Treat woods (4) as Clubs, mountains (3) as Spades, pastures (4) as Jokers (yes, a lot more open, +2 terrain), fields (4) as Hearts, and hills (3) as Diamonds.
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    This is really cool!
    I like it!


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      A couple of notes here.

      The Flee Maneuver was modified assuming you have only one set of Catan tiles. If you have enough to simulate a full deck of cards, at least 3 sets, then feel free to add/expand the Chase area and use the normal rules.

      Re-visiting the range increment on an individual card, I'm also considering 15", emulating BattleTech's 30m hexes. I don't think you're likely, even in SR, to need to incorporate anything faster than an airplane and at this scale I don't think you have to fudge any weapon ranges. With Change Position, I think the normal rules are sufficient, perhaps with the caveat that the participant getting the "fastest guy" bonus or meeting a certain Pace threshold gets an extra card per Raise, not just one for any number of Raises.
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