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    I've been toying around with a "portal world" setting that I've had in my head for a long time. I've had discussions about the setting here in the past. I've decided to open the setting up as a community built setting.

    In time past, the cities of the world were connected by magical portals, and ruled by a massive empire.

    The empire was run by Dwarves. The Dwarves were not a noble race. They were warlike and greedy. They were also builders. But, like all great building empires, they needed slaves, lots of slaves. It was on the backs of the slaves that Dwarves built their empire, and they were not kind about it. Slave rebellions were not uncommon, but were treated with quickly and severely. Eventually slaves learned open rebellion would not free them from their overlords.

    Then came the pox. Amongst the slave races, it lasted for a week, causing itching, bumps and scabs. Occasionally, it would kill or blind, but for most it would pass without much lasting impact. However, for Dwarves, it was entirely different. For Dwarves it was nearly always fatal. Those it didn't kill it left blind and weak. The Dwarves panicked and burned entire cities to the ground hoping to stop the pox. It never did. In a last ditch effort the remaining Dwarves pulled back to the underhold, and shut down the portals, closing out the empire.

    They were never heard from again. Their portal system has largely faded into memory except for the portals that connect the City of 5 Parts.

    The city has decided to try and connect the old portal network. The dangers of opening a portal blindly means that they send out explorers to find portals and then connect them back for trade and colonization.

    This is where the game sits.
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    I've added a facebook discussion group to handle discussions about the setting as well.