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  • Alien names for Earth/Sol

    I'm running a Space Opera game and I like to drop hints and red herrings by naming people and things from SF movies/TV/books, so a pilot called Beka (from Andromeda) is going to be a hot shot, but nobody is going to trust somebody called Avon (Blake 7, a red herring in my game). So what is a good alien name for Earth or Sol? I want the party to meet some aliens that should have no idea about Earth or Sol but who use this name for earth system -- should be a hint that there is deception about. Any suggestions -- name and source?

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    Humanity is likely to use Terra/Helios in the future to refer to Earth/Sun by extrapolating the names of the other planets of the solar systems, and that's what the Mass Effect games used.


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      Originally posted by AndrewKennett View Post
      Any suggestions -- name and source?
      Proper names are incredibly cultural. They reference mythology, historical figures, and other culture specific things.

      Knowing nothing about the alien cultures involved, I can only throw suggestions against a wall. Such as:
      • Hkath'nor: Legendary warrior that stood alone against a horde for foes. Chosen because the star in question is a bit distant from the neighbors.
      • System 487653-8: System identified in year 487, 653 system identified that year, has eight planets. Because there was nothing remarkable about it at the time.
      • Nose 7: Seventh star in the "nose" of a particular constellation visible from the home world.
      • Radio-2934: 2934th identified radio-wave emitting system. Possibly a naturally occurring phenomenon. Possibly home of a primitive, early tech species.
      One mythological reference, one chronological designation, one cultural reference, one scientific observation reference.

      Naming things is weird. And when you learn that people already live there, and have a name for it, you have to decide if you're going to respect their name for it or impose your previous name for it. That choice says a lot about how a culture views the newly met people, and how much respect they're going to give the new people.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        Beta 12, sometimes Beta 9 due to a clerical error.

        That was the Centauri (Babylon 5) name for the Earth system.


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          Ah, the Greek alphabet. Precursor to the Latin and English alphabets. Another human cultural reference.
          As a human translation of the Centauri nomenclature, it works well. The second letter in an antiquated and disused alphabet, followed by a numerical identifier.
          As the literal name, it's way too human.

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          "It was a clerical error. Here! Open my wrist."
          -Londo Mallari, trolling Garibaldi (who knew Centauri don't have arteries in their wrists).