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A +2 Point Cost version of SWADE Flight racial ability

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  • kronovan
    Doh! I thought I had the latest & greatest which IIRC I re-downloaded on Friday morning. Anyhow...good to hear Peginc has reconsidered Flight.

    [Edit] Also nice to see that what it was changed to is the same as what I proposed above. Albeit, Peginc's rewriting of it is less wordy.
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  • Jounichi
    The final version has been released, and Flight is now a 2/4/6 ability.

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  • A +2 Point Cost version of SWADE Flight racial ability

    I've got a new player joining a campaign for my homebrewed setting and they've selected my one playable race that can fly. The problem is, I began creating my setting and writing up the PC races before the release of SWADE and we're now using the v4 rules. At the time, I used the best source for building races -the SciFi Companion- and assigned the positive racial ability for Flight at its base value. That version of Flight allows a character to fly at its standard pace (6" for this particular race) and costs 2 points. I've noted with SWADE though, that there's no longer such a thing as a Flight with so low a pace, with the base value now granting a Fly pace of 12" and costing 4 points. I really need this race to be able to fly, but with 3 negative racial abilities already it would be very difficult to assign another -2 points worth.

    Obviously I can do whatever I want in my own homebrew, but I do have a preference for aligning with the particular core rule book we're using. I can understand to some extent what Peginc was doing with making the base Flight more costly, as flying can be a big advantage in a number of situations. On the other hand, I can imagine races that are slower flyers (fits mine) where a pace that's double the typical walking pace is too fast. What I want to avoid more than anything is having a +4 point race. align my homebrew to the new SWADE Flight racial ability, I'm considering rewording it as such:

    "Flight (1): At a cost of 2 points, the species can fly at Pace 6 and “run” for extra movement as usual. For 4 points, the being can fly at a Pace of 12 and may “run” for extra movement. For 6 points, the being can fly at Pace 24 and may “run” for 2d6″ of additional movement. Maneuvering uses the Athletics skill. Racial flight presumes some kind of wings which can be targeted or fouled (a Bound or Entangled character cannot fly)"

    I welcome any feedback as to whether or not this rewording works.