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Buiding a Race with the new SWADE Power(U) Ability?

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    kronovan Good Luck! If you've got a plan figured out, I wish you well. But just some food-for-thought, I think I would handle this ability quite differently.

    I wouldn't use PP at all, and I'd only use the existing powers as a guideline (since their limitations don't fit your needs anyway). I would simply make a unique racial ability that works along the same principles as the universe's magic.

    The three different forms all seem fairly balanced against one another. The "human" form might let the Small character become Size 0, but they'd lose any special features (low light, claws, enhanced scent, warm fur, etc). And the single animal form is a drawback in itself, compared to the base power, nevermind tbe fact that it prevents the use of weapons or armor, and (presumably) prevents speech.

    What you are really looking to value is the freedom of opportunity each of these forms awards.

    Since the ability requires training to get good at, tie it to a unique skill (similar to Focus). Set the ability's duration as "indefinate", but increase the shift time to a full turn (3 actions) to change forms. This would make it a tactical choice in battle but remain comparatively unchanged for more narrative elements of play.

    Since the ability operates off the same principles as magic, a crit failure on the skill roll should still result in Backlash, and a normal failure would burn 1pp for those folks that also have an AB.
    ...Alternatively, a failure could impart a cumulative -1 to all future attempts (a weaker version of Fatigue that only applies to the Focus roll), with a crit failure causing actual Fatigue. So, the more they fail the roll, the higher the chances they will continue to fail. Narratively, they would be tiring themselves out.

    With all the above in place, I'd feel comfortable placing the ability at +2, especially when compared to an actual AB. And since the ability doesn't use Power Points (and is in fact completely separate from any AB), there's no conflict if the character wants to study a magic field too.