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Trickster (new Harrowed Edge)

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  • MadTinkerer
    Actually, maybe this should be an optional setting rule rather than an Edge. Hmmm...

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  • MadTinkerer
    started a topic Trickster (new Harrowed Edge)

    Trickster (new Harrowed Edge)

    (Apologies in advance if there's already an Edge with a similar name somewhere in the myriad Deadlands supplements, I don't have them all so I can't check. But anyway...)

    This Edge is designed with the new Harowed rules from Stone And A Hard Place. See Manitou Mischief in the SAAHP Errata page 15 if you don't have the book.

    Requirements: Novice, Harrowed
    You and your manitou have "an understanding" concerning Manitou Mischief. Each time the manitou seizes Dominion, as long as you have kept up your end of the bargain since the last time it seized control, it will never commit Evil Deeds or Wolf In The Henhouse acts. Furthermore, it will never intentionally commit murder, though it will certainly defend itself aggressively and neglectfully allow "accidents" to occur with no remorse.

    If a Black Joker is drawn while you have positive dominion, the malicious act will not be intentionally directly fatal. For example, instead of accidentally shooting an ally, the manitou may "accidentally" make a called shot to shoot their hat off, or trip them up during a crucial fight, or knock over an oil lantern to start a fire.

    In exchange for this service, every time you regain Dominion, and for each week you retain it, you must voluntarily commit at least one entertaining act of mischief or trickery. Just what the manitou finds sufficiently entertaining is up to the GM, but anything from Object o' Ridicule to Grand Larceny is fair game. Even something relatively benign, such as letting everyone's horses wander away, cheating at poker so badly everyone at the table notices, or committing a pratfall instead of finishing off a Servitor, as long as the deed prevents the host from gaining a good reputation, the manitou may be satisfied by it.

    While you sleep, the manitou will sometimes appear in your dreams and let you know just how entertaining you have been and give you helpful suggestions as to how you might improve your act in the future.

    If you have the Spirit Sight Edge, the Manitou will make helpful gestures to indicate what it thinks would be entertaining. If you have the Unholy Host Edge, your posse will laugh along with your manitou whenever you commit a sufficiently entertaining act of mischief or trickery and may chime in with ideas of their own.
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