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    Hey all! So I've searched the forums and the net and have not been able to find any rules or tips on custom gear creation/balancing. I know there's the Savage Armory and other aids like that, but they don't fill what I'm looking for. Either for the GM or players. Any chance y'all have something bookmarked or some fancy fresh ideas you can throw down?

    EDIT:And honestly, it's mundane items mainly. Variants on machine guns, crafting gear and such that's in the core books already, just another way of obtaining them that isn't based on purchase economics.
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    I'm pretty sure Savage Armoury can handle custom automatic weapons. But as a very general rule, you'll need to form a balance between three things: weapon damage, price, and clip/magazine size. Increasing one means adjusting another appropriately.

    As for mundane gear, are you looking for rules on crafting? Again, generally, Dramatic Tasks could work for valuable or important items. Otherwise, a simple roll and an arbitrary amount of "craft-time" also works.


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      I'll give the same answer I usually do on this topic:

      If the thing you're looking for is commonly available, and it's part of your character build, no roll needed. Cosmetic changes to a machine gun, for instance, aren't going to need a roll if your character concept is, "Gun shop owner by day, bounty hunter by night". Fixing a badly damaged weapon quickly, or improving it so that the price goes up because it looks nicer, should just be a simple Repair skill check; if you're really rushing things, maybe apply a penalty accordingly.

      Now, if you're looking for mechanical benefits (increased range, damage, accuracy, etc), then Deskepticon's right--Dramatic Tasks are the way to go. Apply a -2 for exceptional value, and then an additional penalty for everything else that you want on there. This can get extreme, but if you're making a gun that will be far superior to others in its class, then you should be armed for bear with bonuses, too.


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        I am in love with the crafting rules from the "apocalypse campaign guide", it basing the roll and crafting duration on the price of the weapon and what extra spare parts you have at hand.

        As for making custom items and ways to balance them... I have written a lot of gear for IZ2.0 and thought of many ways of doing upgrades and such in a cyberpunk setting, and my best and only advice is to remember that bonuses and penalties means a heck of a lot more in SW than in most other games out there. Its easy to give a +2% bonus with a d100 system, and +2 on a d20 roll is 10% so not that bad either, but give a +2 bonus to a skill roll in Savage Worlds... well there goes a 50% bonus! My best advice is to not give bonuses, but remove penalties, there are a reason that the scope (one of the few upgrades in the core) dosn't give a flat bonus to shooting, but removes some of the range penalties.