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  • SCP Foundation ?

    I know next to nothing about this other than my son goes off on talking about this a lot (he’s 11) and I got him a set of keycards from Etsy that he is in love with.

    Just tossing this out there since I am introduc8ng him to RPGs with SW and WWI in particular. Anyone ever heR if any SCP diehards every made even a simple set of setting rules etc for it?

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    Had to look-up what SPC Foundation was, but at first glance it looks similar to the Monster Hunters, International campaign setting for Savage Worlds. That might be a good place to look for any special rules or ideas.


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    Oh, hey. I'm the head admin for the SCP Foundation. DrEverettMann on the wiki. I don't have a Savage Worlds write-up, but maybe I can help. The wiki is huge (over four thousand articles, plus tales, hubs, canons, etc.) and there's no way for anyone to dig into everything. Let me make it a little more manageable.

    Some thoughts: One of the big rules on the wiki is "There Ain't No Canon." What this means is that no story or article is obligated to acknowledge the events of any other article. The author still has to get people to accept the story (articles with too many downvotes get deleted), but if someone wants to write a story where the Foundation has a base on the moon, that's perfectly fine. What this means for you is that there's a lot of wiggle room in the setting.

    For some people, the Foundation locks everything anomalous away and doesn't use any of it. In others, the Foundation has a task force of anomalous individuals using weird sci-fi tech. For some, the Foundation is a vast, all-powerful organization, and to others its stretched thin and barely holding on against the forces arrayed against it. Most people accept that the GOC has what are basically wizards (Type Blues), but not everyone accepts that the Foundation might have them too.

    Some things that exist in the setting and could be fun to use:

    Reality Benders, also called bixbies or type greens. These are people who can basically just make things happen. I'd put some strict limits on them to make it possible for players to take them out. Clef wrote a story here about them, and I wrote one here. Might give you some ideas.

    Weird animals. Things like the surgeon crabs or the communist spiders.

    Weird people like Iris or the Little Misters.

    Monsters like the Hard to Destroy Reptile or the Old Man.

    Anomalous objects, like the Lovecraftian Locket or the Clockworks.

    There are also the Groups of Interest. These are other organizations that deal with weird crap. Some examples include
    • The Church of the Broken God: A cult that wants to put their god back together. They believe mechanical things are superior to flesh and replace parts of themselves with machinery. There are schisms in the Church over what kind of machinery is best
    • The Serpents Hand: A sort of anomalous person's rights group. They're a fragmented bunch of people who believe that anomalous things shouldn't be locked up or kept secret. Some of them just believe that anomalous people should have rights too, some believe anomalous things are superior to normal ones. Some are anomalous themselves. They hang out in a giant interdimensional library.
    • The Global Occult Coalition: The UN's answer to the SCP Foundation. Rather than contain anomalous objects, they'd prefer to just destroy them. That said, they don't mind using people with abilities the Foundation would consider anomalous, like psychics or mages.
    • Marshall, Carter and Dark: A firm that sells anomalous items to the very rich and depraved.
    • Nobody: An individual of unknown origin who keeps getting involved in things. Sometimes he helps the Foundation, sometimes he hurts them. No one can seem to get a good description of him after the fact. Why does he do it? Nobody knows.
    I recommend asking around the SCP Subreddit for ideas, or if you have an idea and need to know which articles would be particularly useful to read. /r/RPG will also be helpful and can help you figure out ways to incorporate SCP stuff into a game. And of course if you want to figure out how to stat something specific up, the forums here are great.


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      I would argue that it looks more like Third Eye's Apocalypse Prevention Inc. That one is also available in Savage Worlds, though IMO it wasn't a very good port.
      You're rational, sir. It's only us crazy people who get to swap out realities on a whim.


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        One little addendum: An important thing with the Foundation is that these things are anomalous. There are exceptions, but most things players encounter should be one-and-done; that is, there's one of this sort of thing and no more. It's not like "Oh, we've encountered a vampire. Break out the garlic and stakes." Each time the Foundation encounters a new anomaly, they really are going at it for the first time. Each one is different, and there aren't solid rules they can depend on. Working out exactly what a creature or object does should be a part of the adventure.