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A Minor Tweak To Simplify Races and Attributes Even More

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  • A Minor Tweak To Simplify Races and Attributes Even More

    I first thought of this idea a couple years ago. I probably would have mentioned it if I was on the SWADE team, but I wasn't, so here it is and feel free to take the idea and use it if you want.


    All races start with an array of attribute dice. For example, the Human one would look like this:

    Agility d6
    Smarts d6
    Strength d6
    Spirit d6
    Vigor d6

    While the Dwarf one would look like this:

    Agility d6
    Smarts d6
    Strength d6
    Spirit d6
    Vigor d8

    After picking a race, players would then have the option to make Attribute Adjustments.

    Attribute Adjustments

    You may chose up to three different Attributes and adjust them down by a die type. For example, a human character could have Strength adjusted down from d6 to d4.

    For each adjustment down, you may adjust up one Attribute that has not been adjusted down. For example, that previous human character could have Smarts adjusted up to d8. If Vigor and Agility were also adjusted down, Smarts could be adjusted up to d12, or Spirit could be adjusted up to d10, or Smarts could be adjusted up to d10 and Spirit could be adjusted up to d8.

    You may not adjust an Attribute down more than once. For example, a Dwarf could have Vigor adjusted down to d6, but not down to d4.

    That's it.

    Why This Instead of The Official Rules

    1) You have, at a glance, the stats for an average member of any race and the starting stats for any player character.
    2) The math is essentially the same, but more optional and fewer false choices.
    3) It works even better with the character creation order from SWADE than Deluxe.
    4) With XP gone, skills are the only kind of "points" that players need to be concerned about, and only at character creation. (Unless you're playing with Arcane Background (Super Powers))
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    It's a neat little option, and I can see some merit to it. But from a design perspective, attribute points are simply more intuitive. For a "quick start" option, that's what archetypes are for.


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      Maybe it is just me but I do not see the point system as an issue. I have never had a player, nor have I, confused about how to assign attributes. And, this system may cause some confusion when spending hindrance points to increase attributes. (ie If a player reduced strength to increase smarts are they allowed to increase strength with hindrance points?)
      I have way too much time but do not always edit myself properly. Please do not take offense.


      • Deskepticon
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        My sentiments exactly!

        I understand the intended goal of the OP: to turn races into templates that can be adjusted to a player's character concept... but like you said, you get "points" from Hindrances, which brings everything right back to the concept of Attribute Points.

        You'd need to reword the section on Hindrances to comply with the change. It runs the risk of being too wordy, thus more confusing and counter-intuitive.

        To be clear, I don't hate the idea. I just don't see it being an easier way to build characters.

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      I admit the idea is designed to solve something that isn't actually a problem. I actually got the idea when I was thinking about how to implement something like the SW rules in a video game and what I would change if I had the license to make a SW game but carte blanche to tweak the actual implementation of the rules. Like, what changes might make it easier for AI to figure out what to do, and so on.

      Or maybe I'm just over-engineering.


      • ValhallaGH
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        Well, you are a Mad Tinkerer. We should all be expecting that sort of thing.