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  • Deadlands/Weird Wars Conversion

    hey all. I'm a rather new Deadlands GM, been running a group for about three months now and I love it. That said, inbetween campaigns we'd planned on running a miniature campaign in different settings within deadlands. The first being in WWII with a multinational force looking for the Hammer of Thor in Denmark. I've been working on converting weird wars II to deadlands. Has anyone done that before?
    Apologies if I am a little brusque, I'm not meaning to be rude.

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    I've never done it, bu you've got options here, first of all is to use the (Deadlands - via Great Rail Wars - derived, Award Winning and all round great) system Savage Worlds. as there are Savage versions of both settings. If you are coming from old school d20 Wierd Wars this is the best and probably most comprehensive option.
    If you are wanting to go to Deadlands Classic then you could start with which does the Savage to Classic conversion and should give you some solid points on your own conversions.


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      I suppose I should clarify. I'm using DLR rules and trying to convert SW Weird Wars to fit DLR. If that helps.
      Apologies if I am a little brusque, I'm not meaning to be rude.


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        oh that's easy. The only real difference is fate chips. Everything else can be ported across wholesale

        -- and of course you can just choose to use fate chips
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          Oh sure the direct port is easy. But other things like the fact weird wars doesn't use guts or grit but does sanity, or the national identity eyes, accounting for ghost rock etc. I'm working on a draft for the conversion and I'll post it here when finished but would like input.
          Apologies if I am a little brusque, I'm not meaning to be rude.


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            If I am reading this right you are attempting to go into different times within the Deadlands realm. Not just the Weird West, Noir, or Wasted West but other times as well. In your direct question you are wanting to tell a few tales about World War 2. Though I do not have the Weird Wars books I have read over several of the one sheets and think this is a great idea.

            I ran a short horror adventure (Devil's Night) for my DLR group that they really liked. To cover the sanity situation any time a sanity check was called for they made guts checks. The only time they got to add their grit though was in dealing with critters. My thought was the whole "if it bleeds we can kill it" mentality associated with grit. Everything else is just too weird, or gross, for the human mind to want to accept. Only had one character end up with long term madness but the party was able to get the book away from him and send him away for treatment.

            Perhaps not the best way of handling it, again I don't have the Weird War books, but for the short adventure it worked out well.
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              So by default, Weird Wars and Deadlands are different fictional universes. They have different mythologies, cosmologies, threats, and supernatural forces at work.
              They also have a lot of stuff in common, with monsters, conflicts, magic, and scary secrets. So I get wanting to combine the two.

              Personally, I think the Deadlands World Wars are two or three times as horrible as the Weird Wars. Fear levels, supernatural evil that grows more powerful as fear and suffering increase, and the risk of falling directly into the hunting grounds around a deadland.

              Mechanically, choose which setting you want to use. For your use, I'd keep it a Deadlands game with gear and edges pulled from Weird War (1 or 2) - that should give you best of both.
              I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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                Deadlands Reloaded is something of a higher-powered setting compared to most other Savage Worlds ones. Blessed still have Arcane Background (Miracles), but they begin with 15 power points and a third, pre-selected power at the trade-off of having steeper drawbacks. Technically it everything is balanced, but compared to what's already in Weird Wars you may want to be a little careful. The chaplain is probably easy enough to deal with, but the Russian psionics could pose a problem. Simply because they're closer to the time period, and I know both exist in the setting, I suggest borrowing from Deadlands Noir.

                And I have converted some WWII material over to DLR. I didn't like how the Solider Edge was just for those still serving, so I altered it to function more like the Officer Edge from WWII to represent someone either currently serving or with a past record. A ported over Obligation Hindrance took care of those on active duty, who then received the usual free equipment and salary. I also changed the Knowledge (Battle) requirement for Soldier (Officer) to be any suitable Knowledge one might find in the civilian corps. That made accountants, carpenters, and doctors all feel more viable.