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    Ok working on a urban sci-fantasy setting called dread chrome. Basically a world inspired by castlevania, the witcher series, and shadowrun.

    Anyways I am working on the races. Some are pretty standard but I am trying to figure out how to portray the equivalent of asimar and tieflings

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    First of all, what books are you using? Just the Fantasy Companion, or are you bringing in the Sci-Fi Companion as well?

    Secondly... what is it about the aasimar and tiefling that's important to you? A lot of D&D/d20 races have things that really only matter if you're playing with all the... rules baggage, for lack of a better phrase... that comes with d20 stuff.

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      What are the defining qualities of your versions of these races?
      Elves are generally graceful (Agility), with good senses and some balancing drawback.
      Dwarfs are generally tough (Vigor), with multi-spectrum vision, crafting skill, stumpy legs, and some balancing drawbacks.
      Aasimar only seem to exist in D&D. They're a mix of mortal races and divine servants (angels, etc.). What benefit does that give them? That's for you to define. It could be as simple as "they all have Champion, and count as Supernatural Good", but it could be a heck of a lot more complicated.
      Tieflings are descended from demonic beings, and also seem to be a D&D exclusive. What benefits does that give them? Again, your call, though they might have some fire resistance, magical resistance, enhanced physical abilities, a power they can use, or something else; usually balanced by various social drawbacks and obviously inhuman appearance.

      If you decide what kinds of benefits you want them to have, I'll be happy to help you hammer out balanced mechanics.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        I will be using the deluxe edition, the sci-fi companion, some aspects of the horror, and fantasy companions.

        Still trying to figure out much of different race i want them to be. I was thinking of possibly using a background edge to represent a character's lineage. Such as Fel-Born or Exalted (working names)


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          I would turn the question around. What kind of abilities Demons and Angels (or their equivalent) will have in this setting? It would help to define what kind of traits their offsprings will have.

          You could also give stats to Nephilim, beings with both Angelic and Demonic parents.


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            Here are a couple I quickly threw together. Granted, they are not realy close to the D&D versions but, as was said, those come with their own setting bagage.

            Descendant from celestial beings and mortals the Half-Angel is both blessed and weakened by its heritage. Most people find them easy to follow but they can be strict about certain rules.
            • Spiritual Beings: They start with d6 Spirit and can increase to d12+1 through normal advancement. (+2)
            • Beauty of Heaven: They start with +2 Charisma. (+1)
            • Wings: Flight at Pace 6, Climb 0. (+2)
            • Heavenly Peace: Start with the Pacifist (minor) Hindrance. (-1)
            • Heavenly Promise: Starts with Code of Honor (Major) Hindrance. (-2)

            Descendant from infernal beings and mortals the Half-Deamon is easily recognized by their form, attitude, and and violent nature.
            • Hell's Might: They start with d6 Vigor and Strength and both can in crease to d12+1 through normal advancement. (+4)
            • Fires of Hell: They receive a +4 to resist all fire and heat based attacks or situations. (+1)
            • Blood Must Flow: They start with the Bloodthirsty (Major) Hindrance. (-2)
            • Never Forget:They start with the Vengeful (minor) Hindrance. (-1)
            Could add
            Grip of Death: Claws doing Str+1d6 damage
            by increasing the Vengeful to Major
            I have way too much time but do not always edit myself properly. Please do not take offense.


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              I'd definitely add a Charisma penalty to the Half-demon. And I'm not sure about adding in Bloodthirsty. Maybe a weakness to 'holy' objects and magic, another classic for demons.

              From what I've seen you don't want to represent a single race of Tieflings, however. You want to represent the general concept of a race of half-demons, with a variety of demonic ancestors to choose from. Which means you're going to need a variety of stats to represent the vastly different kinds of demon. As such I think a more generalized stat block would be best, with the different lineages represented by different Background Edges.

              • Shunned: Suffer a -2 to Charisma when dealing with most ordinary people due to the stigma attached to your species.
              • Heritage: Choose one of the Heritage Edges during character creation. Choose one of the Heritage drawbacks during character creation.
              • Low-Light Vision: Ignore Dim and Dark lighting penalties.

              Heritage Edges

              Taking a Heritage Edge requires you to take a Heritage drawback. All Tieflings start with one Edge and one Drawback. They can take more Heritage Edges as normal through advancement, but doing so also means taking more Drawbacks as they give in more and more to their demonic ancestry.

              Fire and Brimstone: +4 to resist heat and fire, take half damage from fire attacks. While you can catch fire as normal, being on fire doesn't damage you nor penalise your rolls.

              Bloodthirster: You gain str+d6 claws, and inflict +2 damage to any foe that already has at least one Wound applied to them.

              Sight of the Damned: You may see in the dark without penalties. Ignore all darkness penalties, including those for magical darkness.

              Blackened Scales: Gain 2 points of natural armour. In addition you may ignore 1 point of Wound penalties.

              Heritage Drawbacks:

              Bane: take +2 damage from 'holy' or blessed objects, holy water deals 2d6 damage if splashed or 3d6 damage if immersed.

              Hated: take an additional -2 penalty to Charisma. You look like a monster, and most normal people refuse to associate with you in any way. The pious might even be violent towards you.

              Hungry: you gain a craving for the flesh of sentient creatures. You can resist this urge, but when exposed to sentient corpses you may be required to make a Spirit roll to resist temptation.

              This is just a quick little thing I sketched up, but you could create a variety of fun characters using this system. Players would have access to the powerful Heritage Edges (comparable to a +3 ability), but would become just a little bit more demonic every time they did. Even if you don't want to allow players to choose Heritage Edges after character creation it can help you easily establish a wide variety of half-demons with different strengths and weaknesss. From hulking monsters who hunger for blood and flesh to lean horned devils with mesmerizing eyes.


              • thewizardguy
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                It's not intended as zero-sum. The Heritage Edges are more powerful than a normal Edge (+3) and the Heritage Drawbacks are generally intended to be a -1 penalty. Equivalent to a minor Hindrance. Although if you changed it up a bit I suppose you could make it a template, but I figured my Edge-drawback system already added enough complexity to the table without making it a race-template.

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                Note that by putting Bloodthirsty on the Tiefling/half-demon, you DO get a Charisma penalty. So that's pretty straightforward, actually.

              • thewizardguy
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                You do, but the Charisma penalty for Bloodthirsty only applies when people figure out that you're Bloodthirsty. It's not an automatic penalty, based on your appearance.