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    I've seen a few posts other places asking about a possible Savage Assassin's Game. This is a rough attempt at one. Fair warning it is rough and it would be strongly suggested you buy and purchase the entire Lankhmar setting and the Guild of Shadows setting to play it correctly. While not actually required, Doing so gives you two large cities and a huge amount of resources to draw from. Not to mention they are both awesome settings in their own right.

    For the most part this is really just a few rule adjustments and a new class of enemy that gives the feel of the Assassin's Game.

    The new class of enemy is meant to be a drop in to sprinkle around your current campaign they are not meant to be the main enemies. They are meant to be mainly extra bonus target of opportunities though they could be used as a boss battle also.

    I'd also suggest dropping the awarded xp down to a max of 2 for every session with the players gaining an extra one after performing an assassination for that session.

    It also doesn't cover what happens when someone dies in game (which should happen) On Death the character is kicked from the connection with the world and must accomplish a short challenge in the modern world (Be it a fight to beat up the person that pulled him out, a social challenge to convince the doctor he is able to continue or whatever other sort of challenge you wish to use.) You can even use the outside world for downtime adventures or other uses for the entire group. Flip back and forth all you want. (I would play it as for every successful rank they gain in the Game World they gain one outside also.)

    With that said, again this is a very rough draft and any feedback is of course welcome.
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