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  • All in a mouse's night

    Hey folks, I'm thinking of running a game involving anthropomorphic mice similar to Secret of NIMH or Wind in the Willows. However, it's a short tactical affair. I thought it would be fun to have the mice defend the kitchen (or house in general) from rats. The mice worship the humans as their protectors/providers. They just know some great sin in their past makes their gods hate the sight of them so they consider it a sacred duty to leave no trace of their presence.

    When the humans plan to leave for a few days the mice hear of the barn rats plans to invade the kitchen during that time. If the rats wreck the kitchen the mice know the "gods" will mete punishment upon them. The rats outnumber the mice and are, of course, both larger and stronger then they. The mice must use clever tactics and improvise weaponry/defenses from human objects. The mouse elder may suggest some things like using needles from a pin cushion as rapiers, rubber band ballistae, spoon catapults, etc.

    What are some clever ideas the mice could employ and how would you think it would translate mechanically? Should the rats be dumb brutes or perhaps more cunning?
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    Given your description, you could change the Trappings of Against the Orcs! to be mice defenders and rat attackers. Maybe drop the Ogre, or replace it with a Weasel or similar larger creature; if you want to, you can continue the campaign and root out the rats from their burrow after a successful defense.
    Mechanically, update the melee damage to the modern rules and rework the pre-gens to fit your new theme.

    I hope that helps.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Thanks! This definitely gives me some good example material. I do plan to front-load this a little more as I was thinking of running this at a wargaming con. Last con they ran several really rules light western games they stole a few Deadlands rules from. I thought it would be nice to show them that Savage Worlds works pretty well on its own.

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    Heh, love the concept.

    The really smart mice find a means to safely reposition and conceal mouse traps at the access points to the house that the rats are most certain to use, thus creating improvised mine fields.
    The more agile mice engage in almost suicidal games of cat & mouse with a number of the beefier, local toms. They tactfully rinse 'n' repeat a series of rush & retreats until the cats have been lured to every side of the barn. Then they turn the same tactic on the rats.


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      I thought about allowing the mice to attempt to use the "demon" (cat) of the house as a hazard for the mice. Perhaps this could be handled by suggesting a mouse lure it into a cabinet or such which the other mice will close on the beast until it's time to unleash it in battle. Would fit the bill for a suicide mission for sure.

      Probably just handle it with a few agility rolls for luring the cat. Then a smarts/repair roll for closing the cabinet properly. Failure results in the loss of a mouse. Success allows for unleashing the cat at a moment of the players choosing.

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    The intention of this is a one off game. Perhaps to be run at a con for wargaming that I've seen attempt Savage Worlds before. Up to 6 players.

    Mice: 30 mice extras and 6 wild card "hero" mice.
    Extras: d8 agility d6 everything else; stealth d8 and d6 other appropriate skills They can be armed with whatever the players come up with.
    Wild Cards: I'll allow the players to pick from several "hero" templates as appropriate. It may be useful to have a mouse who is crafty for setting up defenses. I may also consider more supernatural options, but keeping it pretty light. Mrs Brisbee (Secret of NIMH) and her amulet for instance.

    Rats: Orc stats look pretty good to me for this. Probably just give them bite of Str + d6 for most of em. Maybe one or two wild card ones will wield size appropriate weapons. Dinner forks, rusty nails, etc.

    Going to give the mice 8 hours prep time before a small group of rats attack. Maybe 10 or so. Give the mice an idea of what they are up against. Then after another 24 hours the full force attacks. Maybe 42 or so.