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Creature ability- Swat

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  • Creature ability- Swat

    Swat does not have a definition listed in the Fantasy Companion. In the core book it's listed as
    "The creature has learned how to deal with pesky creatures smaller than itself. It ignores up 4 points of Scale penalties when attacking with certain abilities listed in its description (and only those specific abilities)."

    Dragons use this format but all other creatures in here use a modified version where it applies to ALL abilities, which is correct?

    Dragon, Young pg195
    Dragon, Mature pg195
    Dragon, Great pg196

    Elephant, Common pg170
    Demon Balor pg189
    Elementals, Air pg197
    Elementals, Earth pg198
    Elementals, Fire pg198
    Elementals, Water pg199
    Elephant, Mammoth pg221
    Phoenix pg229