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Lock/Unlock pg 116

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  • Lock/Unlock pg 116

    This might not be the place for this but I don't understand how casting Unlock on a locked-by-Lock item works. I don't know if it is writing that needs clearing up (and thus this is the right space for it) or if I am just dumb!

    Lock is cast with a raise on an object, so now "Any attempt to open it is increased by –8".
    Someone tries to cast Unlock on it. Isn't that "an attempt to open it" so they would be at –8 to do so? Or just it mean non-magical means to open it? (which I would then argue needs to be added to the description)

    If the penalties do apply, then what does "unlock opens sealed objects, ignoring up to 4 points of penalties from mechanical locks or the lock spell, or 8 points with a raise." mean? How would I get a raise without first overcoming the penalties, and thus making ignoring the penalties nonsensical? If I just need to roll to cast and the penalties do not apply (e.g. a 4 on a die will succeed), does that mean I then need to roll a Thievery roll to open the object ignoring 4 (of the 8) points of penalties?

    Whatever the intent is, I think this Power needs to be explained clearer