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  • Gordon
    started a topic Savage Tools (2.0) Development Log

    Savage Tools (2.0) Development Log

    As some of you know I've been rewriting my Savage Worlds Tools for a few months now. Lately I've been a bit Idle waiting for more "Black" details to emerge before I start the rewrite of the character generator. Since then I've created a nodejs server, javascript client (with offline access to create your own vehicle and characters from browser cache!), the beginnings discord bot (oh snap - check out the screenshots), and a slew of other new tools to be written while waiting for the new Core Book.

    Some of the exiting major advancements from my existing tools:
    • Attach an image to your creation! This even works in offline mode, and is then uploaded the the sync/share server to spread across your devices.
    • Log into the sync server (at a memorable and awesome domain, I'll release that later) to make sure your creations are on all your items
    • Optionally create a share link for your creations for others to view (and eventually copy into their own libraries).
    • Experimental Discord Bot integration. My eventual goal will be to be able to group characters into a 'session' and have the ability the ask the bot for rolls against certain traits, etc. This is a long path down the development tree.

    What I'm currently working on:
    • Sync stability. I'm seeing a few hiccups on sharing between my 7-8 devices/browsers
    • Rewrite of the Dice Roller and Library
    • Data entry interface for mods, sizes, books, weapons, races, skills, hindrances, edges - all the good stuff now that the back-end mongodb server data seems to have stabilized.
    What's still on the agenda:
    • Extras database (and discord integration)
    • Dice Roller (discord integration)
    • Character Generator
    What won't be in the new tools:
    • I'm likely dropping the raise trainer. It was a fun add-on, but I'm not seeing anyone use it.

    I know I've hinted, teased, and promised items on my Poll Post here:

    But I've decided and settled on writing the entire server and client in Typescript using nodejs, nginx, and mongodb. The frontend is in react, while the 1.0 tools were written in angularjs.

    Some FAQs

    How much will it cost?
    Always Free
    , as the current tools are. It's an open source open source project on GitHub as well.

    Why did I choose this over python3?
    • I get to use the same object creation, calculation, and validation code on both the client and the server. This makes for a consistent bug-tracking experience.
    • Typescript is a typed language. If/when web assembly takes off and has better support. It's strongly foreseen by experts in the field that Typescript will have a compiler to web assembly. This will increase speed and efficiency (it's already pretty fast and my Chrome/Firefox memory snapshot sizes on the client has been under 30mb, pretty good considering everything it's doing)
    When will you get to use the new tools?
    Honestly? Probably pretty soon. I'm going to spend a week or two revisiting the Sync code and double-check that my auth and security code on the server is water-tight.

    Will the app look like the screenshots?
    Pretty close! I'm old and I am set in my UI styles. I find these medium-dark colors easy on my eyes. In the future I may have a 'theme selection' which will change out the colors and borders perhaps, but this works well.

    Will I be able to export characters to PDF?
    Oh heck yes. My goal is to have several SVG templates to select from which export to PDF beautifully. (most PDFs export to be less than 100k in size, as I'm using SVG instead of images to create the text and lines).

    What books will be supported?
    Everything allowable via the Savage Fan License will be available for everyone.

    I'm a Savage Licensee - how can I get my content into this software?
    I'm still working on the details of that, but I imagine if you're wanting to 'give' away the edges, hindrances, and gear with either descriptions and page numbers, the editor I'll be working on should make it 'relatively easy' to add your custom items to the Chargen.

    *IF* you want to give access to certain users (like verified purchasers), I'll have to create an interface which has your 'book' on an 'allow list' of users. That's also pretty far down the road - after the new character generator has been completed.

    Why the heck is the Discord bot's name "The Teapot"?:
    Because I'm the Beast. (It was a stupid, random name I created for my development bot a few months ago)

    What the heck is Discord?
    Glad you asked! It's a neat bit of software which allows for not only real time text chat, but video and voice chat as well.
    The unofficial Savage Worlds chat is here:
    There are many of us there. I'm pretty quiet - look for Gordon

    Will I need to login to use the tools?
    Absolutely not! Logins are only required for syncing and sharing your creations. The tools are free and open to anyone wishing to remain anonymous (well, at least as anonymous as anyone can be).

    I've got an idea - how do I submit it?
    For now, hold on to your ideas as I've still got months of work to do on this project. (see above)

    I've got another question.
    Please post them in the comments below. I'm happy to answer. I'm on the edge of deciding to reveal the domain name and newly branded name.
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  • Gordon
    commented on 's reply
    Yes! I plan on getting those (and a few other summary lines) on the PDF output "extra page" (where the powers, etc are)
    I'm still putting the finishing touches on the Race Creator (particularly the Super Power) today.

    I'll add a feedback feature request item at so you can watch the progress

    Development has been fast, furious and fun over the last 4 months and it's a relative large project (larger than it first appears). There is always something that I might miss between the bug fixes, data entry, family, job, etc

  • JamesG

    I've been poking around and it seems very cool.

    One question though. Have you considered including short descriptions for Edges and Hindrances? Essentially what appears in the Summaries tables in the rule book.

    I'm sure there are reasons you didn't do it, but I figure I'd ask anyway.


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  • Gordon
    Things are about to get really exciting.
    just sayin’

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  • amerigoV
    commented on 's reply
    I sent it in on your site (I think )

  • Gordon
    commented on 's reply
    Knowing what I know and how I handle this on the backend, all advances from your selected xp or # of advances (coming in SWADE) will still be there but quenched during the calculation process. Derived stats will be calculated correctly.

    ..that said, I’ll probably have different bugs to squash!
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  • Gordon
    commented on 's reply
    That’s an interesting feature, and not one that’s impossible. The advancements data is a stack which I could, with a little work (mostly in the UI), do this.

    If you have an account, please put this on the feedback page as a feature request. I think it’s quite doable.
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  • amerigoV
    I'll throw one thing out there - might not be feasible but hey, I am not going to get grumpy if its not done but at least its out there.

    One thing I really like about the Wild Card Creator was you could create a 100xp (say) character, but show it at (say) 50xp. It was not perfect as the derived stats (Parry/Toughness) did not recalc back to the lower xp, but it did show everything else.

    Reason I liked it:
    1) as a player, I do like to run out the advancement just for planning purposes - it helps me think about the character and makes advancement quick. So I can run it out but just print out the current XP version for the session.

    2) as a GM, its great for Convention / One Shots where you can use the same set of PCs but at different xp based on the scenario (TAG has some PDF's like that for some of their preGens).

    Ideal would be if you could have gear specified to xp (short sword at 0xp, long at 10xp, vorpal at 20xp...), but that is probably way too much.

    Anyway, thanks for all your efforts.

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  • Gordon
    Custom Skills, Thanks to Eric Lamoureux for putting that bug in my ear. I knew it was an easy add, so I spend 15 minutes to add the function

    Cyberwaer and Robot Mods (for Construct Race) are also in.

    I'm kinda-sorta-waiting to see how SWADE changes Race Creation before I tackle custom races (I don't want to have to make changes in 3 places, right now I'll have to only modify the admin area).

    Edit/Addendum: That seemingly default skill value when it was added was from testing just before the screen record.

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  • amerigoV
    commented on 's reply
    Flog him until he gets it done

    No biggie - I was just trying to put in my current character, but its in a custom fantasy setting. Thank you for this labor of love.

  • Gordon
    Races are on the way. Just one guy working on it

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  • amerigoV
    One question - are we able/where do we add custom races? I see where things like Edges and Hindrances get in there. Thanks.

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  • Deskepticon
    commented on 's reply
    It's appreciated!
    The tools look amazing!

  • Gordon
    So far - Deluxe, with a few rare exceptions should be complete. Fantasy, too, is complete. SciFi Companion is complete minus Construct Mods and Cyberware (later this week). I have 3 PDF export themes (not really new PDF sheets yet, just css theming for the same html until I'm done).

    Hopefully by the time SWADE hits, I'll have 90% of Deluxe Edition material complete and we'll be able to move on!

    Thanks for keeping your interest and your patience. It' not hard work, but it's tedious.
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  • Gordon
    lol I see bad English in those messages. They're fixed now. Tunnel vision, indeed!

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