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    I just wanted to post and say I have recently learned of Savage Worlds and have not played it yet but I have become a total Fan Boy in the past few weeks just by ordering and reading your settings.

    A little background: I started gaming in Highschool in the mid 90s (Rifts). I haven't played a RPG in about 15 years. But when I saw a Savage Rifts book I had to find out how this could happe. My favorite setting in a new system.

    I had my wife pick buy me some of your books for Christmas. Since then I have ordered the box set for 3 of your settings and can't get enough of reading them.

    You have brought back the excitement of gaming that I had 20 years ago when I first picked up an RPG and starting thumbing through it.

    Now I have to find a gaming group in my area so I can start playing again.

    You have done a wonderful job on these product. I love your Rifts™ adaptation and the other settings I've read.
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    Welcome to a more Savage World!
    Left is Death!


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      Welcome! To Savage Worlds and these forums.

      There are a lot of fantastic Savage Settings - sadly more than I'll probably ever get to play. But the good news is that we'll always have something interesting to play, no matter what we're in the mood for.
      Feel free to ask about anything - one of us fellow fans will be happy to help, though you can always ask in the Official Answers if you want official clarification.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        Welcome to the club. I haven't played RIFTS yet, but from what I gather it's basically a "kitchen sink" setting. Feel free to buy more books, bring over whatever else you like, and ratchet it up to 11.

        And don't be a stranger. We're online, so we can't bite.