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Alchemist Bag vs Workshop

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  • Alchemist Bag vs Workshop

    A non AB player can take the Alchemy (Smarts) skill from pg 31 of FC 1.3
    The Alchemists bag on pg 47 is a portable laboratory that contains various bits of equipment.
    The rules for making Alchemical items on pg 60 mentions the need for a workshop ( in the white box at the bottom of the page). THe process of making an item takes minutes equal to half the cost of the item, so from 1 to 25 minutes for the items listed on pg 60.

    Is the Alchemist bag sufficient to craft something like the items mentioned on page 60 or is the workshop mentioned on pg 60 like the Standard or Grand workshop mentioned on the Crafting Magic Items on page 161? The white box on pg 60 mentions that a Critical Failure will require an Alchemist to replenish supplies at a town, a lab, or other source of supplies, which seems to indicate that the Alchemist could be working in spots other than a lab or town.

    How portable is the Alchemical creation process for non casters?