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Fantasy compagnon : how do spells with special cost work with scrolls?

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  • Fantasy compagnon : how do spells with special cost work with scrolls?

    Hello, I would like to know how is a scroll for a power with a special PP cost works? For example, let's imagine I want to build a Beast friend scroll. Is there an official rule, or should I imagine a scroll for each rank?

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    I believe the latter, a scroll for each Rank. Some GM could even rule that you would have a scroll for every specific creature.


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      You would have to make a note for the scroll that has how many points have been invested into the scroll, this would affect the cost of the scroll using the scroll cost calculation on page 146. The number of points available on the scroll would then be the points available to make friends with animals. So this could limit the size and number of animals you befriend.

      Using the 5 points mentioned in the Power description as an example you could find a scroll described as Beast Friend (5 points). This would cost 250 gold (Novice rank X 5 points X 50 gp/point) So the reader of the scroll could spend 5 points and befriend 5 wolves, or 1 Rhino. They could use the scroll and need only 3 points to control a large Swarm, wasting the other 2 points since the scroll crumbles and fades after casting.

      Finding a scroll with a large number of points on it means an increased range of sizes and animals you can guide with the Power.