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Musings on a possible space book for SWADE

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  • Musings on a possible space book for SWADE

    With Fantasy coming next week. The Space book has to be on the radar right? Pinnacle has licensed with a couple of fellow game producers in the past. Which would you rather see?
    Palladium Dimension

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    Neither. SciFi companion FTW!


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      • SeeleyOne
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        That has seen several RPG systems, so maybe.

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      I love everything about Savage Pathfinder, and Starfinder has a really cool setting. So Savage Starfinder would be really cool to me.


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        I wouldn´t mind Palladiums Phase world to be frank, but Starfinder is quite cool as well.


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            Excellent answers. I only included companies that Pinnacle has a working relationship with, but love me some Traveller. If I am being honest I love anything sci-fi or space, hence my handle. I have been playing palladium games since the ‘80s and love their creativity and especially their dimension books. Having said that, I voted for Starfinder. The problem with being middle aged plus, is lack of free time sadly. The irony is that I can pretty much afford an RPG product that I want, I just don’t have the time to design my own worlds or adventures at this age. I need the adventure paths, if I am running a long campaign. Sadly my creativity has suffered greatly.
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            • Deskepticon
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              Strange, I find the opposite is true for me. My disposable income is nilch, with most of my wealth tied up in assets or investments, so I rarely buy setting books these days. However, I find creating worlds and characters much easier than when I was younger. I suppose it's because I have a much broader well of experience to draw from. It's easier to clip-away moments from my life, or world events that transpired, and form them into a narrative for the character/story.

              The only thing I agree on is the lack of time.
              Either I'm busy busy busy, or I'm just beat and want to shut my brain off for a day.

            • Spacekase
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              Fairly sure it’s a matter of priorities. I work 50+ hours a week. I tend to prioritize my free time around the family. Luckily the wife is a gamer and I am soon to be an empty nester. There is hope for me yet. Creativity is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. My creativity has been getting a lot sand kicked in it’s face recently. It’s very weak.