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SPC: "Pulling" Power Question

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  • SPC: "Pulling" Power Question

    I'm looking to build a "super" with a vortex like power, something that just pulls targets toward them but no other major effect. There's a Push power in SPC3, but I'm looking to do the opposite of that. I could use Telekinesis, but I'd have to pile on lots of modifiers. Any suggestions from the experts? Thanks in advance!

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    I see two simple-ish ways to do it.
    1) Entangle with a different effect (instead of Bound/Entangled the target is pulled 1d6/2d6).
    2) Telekinesis with Limitation (pulls target to super) (-2) and enough Power modifiers to have the desired Strength.

    Given how Matter Control works in v3, I can't recommend it for this (which I wanted to, based upon v2). Though this would be a great Power Stunt for Matter Control (Air).
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Um, why not push with a +/-0 Modifier towards not away?


      • ValhallaGH
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        Pulling an entire Cone Template of characters towards the super gets really strange. Especially when they all pile up at the super's feet.

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      Thanks for the ideas! This was very helpful. I ended up going with ValhallaGH's Entangle idea. I'd thought about some kind of modifier to Push, as JmOz01 was suggesting, but yeah, it seemed like the mechanics were going to be kind of strange in game-play.